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Seahawks Beat Cardinals 58-0: Video Recap

Let's just say that John Skelton will be "turning over" in his sleep a lot tonight. Thanks, folks.

Yet another way to recap the game, I've sent in a short video to SB Nation Studios and then they make it a lot better with "graphics" and "pictures" and "neat stuff."

I love YouTube comments. It didn't take very long to be called a retard at all. It's amazing what people will do when they're anonymous. Think about someone in the Old West sending off a letter on the pony express to a random person that said, "LOL your the dummest cowDORK in the new world!!!" It took a real man to go up to another guy with a gun and say those things to his face. Not that it really bothers me, I realized a long time ago how stupid internet "arguments" are and nobody is going to call me fat, stupid, lazy, or wrong with the amount of perfect wit as I will say those things to myself. So good luck!

The Cards are going to need some luck to figure out how to recover from pretty much the worst beatdown Seattle has ever put down. Three games left and the numbers say that there aren't very many teams better than the Seahawks right now. And that's neat.

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