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Mike Mayock's Positional Rankings: Running Backs

The Seahawks are facing a potential hole at running back if they cannot re-sign Marshawn Lynch. Justin Forsett is a free agent. Michael Robinson is a free agent. That leaves, basically, Leon Washington and a couple practice squad guys - Vai Taua and Tyrell Sutton, in the fold as it stands right now.

Now, I'm guessing that a deal with Lynch will get done or they'll franchise him. But I would not be surprised to see Seattle use one of their early picks this year on a future workhorse. This is a team that wants to run. It's a big part of their identity. I don't really think they're going to rely on a bunch of scrubs to get the job done, it's why they went out and traded for Lynch and why I think they'll continue to address the position going forward, using valuable resources.

For a quick update this afternoon, I wanted to point to Mike Mayock's positional rankings and pass on a few scouting videos. I'll get more in depth on each of these guys as we go along (or Ben will, or Matt will, or Derek will, or we all will), but just wanted to use this as an intro. Mayock is one of the most respected analysts in the business and many feel that if he wanted to, he could go into a career as a front office personnel guy or GM. During the next couple weeks, I'll continue to break down his rankings to give you a better idea of which players to keep an eye on. Here are his top five running backs, as they sat about two weeks ago.

1. Trent Richardson - Alabama
2. David Wilson - Virginia Tech
3. Lamar Miller - Miami (Fla.)
4. Doug Martin - Boise State
5. LaMichael James - Oregon

Trent Richardson is a gimme. He's an elite talent and it's becoming more and more ... plausible? ... that the Seahawks might consider using their first round pick on the Alabama Heisman finalist. The list of players after him is getting a little more murky. David Wilson, Lamar Miller, Doug Martin, and LaMichael James are the guys that Mayock lists, but this is a different order than some other respected analysts. For example, Rob Rang has his top five go Richardson, Miller, Wilson, Martin, then Chris Polk. Regardless, these six are probably the top group, and I'll add a few at the end for good measure. Check out some of the videos below, with big thanks to DraftBreakdown for the excellent scouting videos they put together - Aaron Aloysius, JMPasq, JPDraftJedi, TTN2810, MARI0clp and the whole DraftBreakdown crew.

1. Trent Richardson - Alabama:

2. David Wilson - Virginia Tech:

3. Lamar Miller - Miami (Fla.):

4. Doug Martin - Boise State:

5. LaMichael James - Oregon:

6. Chris Polk, U-Dub:

Honorable Mentions:

Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati:

Darrell Scott, South Florida:

Others: Terrance Ganaway, Tauren Poole. Scouting reports by Field Gulls HERE and HERE.

More soon, stay tuned...