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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Tuesday

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It's almost the weekend!

NFL - Quarterback controversies making a comeback - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN
HE'D BROKEN DOWN FILM a hundred different ways in a hundred different places. He'd seen so many plays from so many formations in so many situations that the sheep in his brain went in motion when he closed his eyes at night. At times he felt like a technocrat in cool workout gear, intimate with one of the NFL's dirty secrets: The quickest way to shatter the fantasy of an exotic life as a professional football player is to live the life of a backup quarterback.

Blocking Clinic: Clemson TE Dwayne Allen | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Funny what keeps you up at night. Saturday, I watched two backs in pass protection and their successes and failures got me so fired up that I discovered I had an offensive line coach inside me after all. I nearly burst a blood vessel yelling at the TV. The adrenaline kept me awake until 4 a.m.

PFF's Top 50 Free Agents |
To kick off our Free Agency preview, we’re diving right in and laying out exactly who we think are the best players available.

Time to start the Michael Floyd debate in Chicago | National Football Post
Bears need an upgrade at WR, but is a rookie the answer?

Cosell Talks: 2011 Elevated Belichick’s Legacy : NFL Films Blog
A little more than a week has passed since the New England Patriots lost Super Bowl 46. The feeling always persists that a loss by the Bill Belichick /Tom Brady tandem in a big game signifies an upset of major proportions. Much has been written and said about the negative impact the championship loss to the Giants will have on the respective legacies of the head coach and the quarterback. news: Luck, Griffin, Tannehill top QB prospects entering combine
The 2012 NFL Draft class is loaded at the quarterback position, with Stanford's Andrew Luck and Baylor's Robert Griffin III pegged as can't-miss prospects at the top of the board. Both are elite-caliber playmakers capable of reversing the fortunes of dismal franchises, and their extraordinary potential will most likely lead to both coming off the board within the first five selections.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: The Forward Pass Can Bite Me
I have reached a new phase of fandom, one that concerns me greatly, and makes me wish bad juju on anyone who talks about quarterbacks right now*. I am a thirsty man, parched to the extreme as I trundle the Quarterback Desert, and everybody is talking about water. Cool, refreshing water, the kind that condenses on the outside of a beer bottle on a hot humid day, then runs down the arm of curvaceous bikini bomb as she holds her beverage high, and y'all are making me hate water! I don't want to hate water.

Brock and Salk - Blu - Podcasts -
Should the Seahawks pursue free-agent wide receiver Randy Moss? Would the Texans be smart to ditch Matt Schaub for Peyton Manning? Why are players suing the NFL for concussion-related health problems? Bonus: Who are the best- and worst-looking quarterbackss in the NFL?

Eagles reportedly will franchise DeSean Jackson, but should they? | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Right now, DeSean Jackson is a wide receiver, a Philadelphia Eagle, and young, exciting player with a history of making questionable decisions. A few months from now, he will still be all those things, except maybe a Philadelphia Eagle.

New NCAA Rules Could Change Recruiting, Transfers -
The NCAA rules have been something that have been criticized on many different levels, but it looks like the NCAA is going to work to try and change some of these rules that people dislike so much....

NFL Combine Snubs: Offense | National Football Post
Who are the top prospects not invited to the NFL combine?

2012 NFL Draft: Lack of Elite Pass Rushers Creates Problems - Mocking The Draft
The NFL is a copy cat league. One team takes home the Lombardi Trophy each season, and the next year teams across the league are trying to replicate that blue print for success.

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Kenny Easley Should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Hundreds of men have played for the Seattle Seahawks since the franchise's birth in 1976, but there are only four career Hawks who are worthy of enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Two have already gotten in (Largent, Kennedy), and one will have a bust in Canton once he becomes eligible (Jones). The fourth member of this quartet may have to wait a while, but Kenny Easley is richly deserving of the immortality that comes along with a place in the Hall of Fame.

Seattle receiver Baldwin won’t rest on rookie laurels | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
One of the few healthy players still in town during the month of February, Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin is working on securing a home in the Seattle area and working out daily at the team’s Renton headquarters with the hope of building on an impressive rookie season.