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Seahawks To Give Up 2012 Fifth Round Pick to Buffalo, According to Reports

The Seahawks will give up their fifth round pick this year to Buffalo as part of the 2010 Marshawn Lynch trade, according to the Bills' official website (and pointed out by Danny O'Neil). The Hawks originally traded for Marshawn Lynch for a 2011 4th Round pick and an undisclosed 2012 pick. It was speculated to be a 5th or 6th Round pick, but apparently Lynch hit a playing time benchmark this season that made it a 5th.


Buffalo traded Lynch to the Seattle Seahawks a few weeks into the 2010 season for a pair of draft choices, one in 2011 and one in 2012. They used their fourth-round pick last spring to take OT Chris Hairston. Their other pick was a conditional sixth-round pick that could improve to a fifth-round draft choice based on Lynch's playing time for the Seahawks. has learned that the league has confirmed the draft choice for the Bills has improved to a fifth-round pick. That pick will be 11th or 12th in round five based on the outcome of the league coin flip to determine whether Kansas City or Seattle will pick 11th in round one, with the two clubs alternating by round thereafter.

Not super surprising considering Lynch's playing time and success this season, but stings a bit. The Seahawks have had a lot of success in the 5th round these past two seasons, picking up Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman. In my opinion, if anything, the escalation from a 6th to a 5th in this case just makes it more likely that the Seahawks will be trading back in this year's draft, at least once, to pick up another pick or two.