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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Sunday

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Happy Sunday everyone! You got tomorrow off? I don't!

The power of patience and inclusive thinking " Seahawks Draft Blog
Back in the early to mid 90s, I was a young, displaced Seahawks fan growing up in Arizona. I’d be lucky to see three Seahawks games in any given season, especially since the Seahawks were consistently lousy back then. While my access to the Seahawks was limited, my access to the NFL draft was no less restricted than anywhere else. Because of that, the draft took on a pretty big level of importance in my sports-fan life from a young age.

Tale of the Tape: Brock Osweiler vs USC - Hogs Haven
Today's subject of 'Tale of the Tape' is Arizona State Quarterback Brock Osweiler. Yes, I know another quarterback, but the Redskins need one so we should look at all the options. Plus, this was requested by someone. I'm always open to suggestions and requests so let me know if there is anyone in particular you'd like to see in a future post.

Nick Perry 2012 NFL Draft Scouting Report - Mocking The Draft
Pass Rush: Nick Perry's biggest strength is his pass rushing ability. He has a quick burst off the line of scrimmage and gets to the edge quickly. Displaying both a spin move and a strong swim move, Perry collected 9.5 sacks this season for USC. While stronger tackles can push him around due to a lack of strength, Perry's motor, technique and quickness make him tough for any lineman to contain over the span of an entire game.

2012 NFL Free Agency: How Mike Wallace affects the 2012 NFL Draft - Mocking The Draft
The 2012 NFL Free Agent class boasts a handful of quality options at wide receiver. With guys like Desean Jackson and Wes Welker likely to return to their current teams, it is becoming gradually weaker by the day, however. But one name most excluded from the list due to his restricted free agent status could be more available than teams initially believed.

Goodell on 18 games: 'People want more football' -
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's salary will reportedly double to $20 million as part of a new five-year contract extension from the NFL. That's a lot of coin but if the league wasn't awash in money the owners wouldn't reward Goodell with that kind of payday.

No time to rest: Combine signals nonstop offseason is under way - NFL -
There is no offseason in the NFL, which is another way of saying the league's annual scouting combine begins next week. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will be there, but so will a zillion other players, coaches, GMs, writers and broadcasters. Essentially, it's the Super Bowl Part Deux for Indianapolis, only this time the only zipline is to get to Luck and Griffin for the next quote. Trust me, there will be more stories next week than players, and let's start with five you should expect to unfold:

No performance-based pay for 2011 season | ProFootballTalk
When the salary cap disappeared in 2010, another key component of player compensation evaporated as well.

Orton, Campbell forgotten men among free agent quarterbacks | ProFootballTalk
The Peyton Manning story will be a daily soap opera for most of the offseason. Matt Flynn is this year’s Kevin Kolb. Drew Brees and Alex Smith aren’t going anywhere. After those four men, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about free agent quarterbacks.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Ken Whisenhunt:
Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves joined KTAR in Phoenix with Doug and Wolf to talk about whether or not he is going to play overseas, what his mindset is when it comes to the season, on the team that he has around him in LA, and what he is doing this offseason to get better.

Beyond The Rookie Contract: The 2007 2nd Round Draftees " Pick 256
What does the average draft follower expect from his/her favorite team’s 2nd round draft pick? For most fans, 2nd round picks represent long-term starters and franchise cornerstones. The building blocks of a successful team. After all, they are the 33rd-64th best college players available. You’d think you’d get a guy who could be a high level contributor for years to come. Or even just a guy who can contribute for a reasonable period of time. However, that’s not usually the case.

Cliff Avril didn’t mean that thing he said about other teams contacting him | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Underrated Detroit Lions defensive end Cliff Avril becomes a free agent on March 13th. He'd like to sign a new deal with the Lions, and the Lions would love to have him back, but, as always, there are some disagreements on Avril's worth and price. Standard operating procedure with free agents.

Ranking the 2012 Free Agents: Outside Linebackers |
While the class of free agent middle linebackers is a strong one, the same cannot be said for the outside ‘backers. This group doesn’t quite have the same depth, although there are a couple of standouts who could make a significant impact for their new teams. The most glaring difference, however, is probably the lack of a big name.

Offseason ACL rehab is no joke in the NFL | National Football Post
For Adrian Peterson, the grind is just beginning.

NFL Combine Sleepers | National Football Post
Potential Combine risers no one is talking about… news: 'Hawks GM not about to panic over QB play
The Seattle Seahawks are asking their fans not to panic over the quarterback position. They say they've got this thing covered. news: Should St. Louis stick with Bradford ... or turn to RG3?
With the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams are in a great trading position. They could keep Sam Bradford and trade the pick to a team that wants Robert Griffin III for multiple draft picks; or they could take Griffin and trade Bradford for draft choices. One way or another, the Rams have the potential to greatly improve their football team. news: Flynn 'waiting, wondering' what free agency will bring
It's hard to imagine anyone as excited over the start of free agency on March 13 as Matt Flynn, the Packers backup quarterback who's about to become somebody's starter. news: NFL will allow 250 fans to attend combine
After fans were given the chance to witness the madness of Media Day and Radio Row firsthand during Super Bowl week, this month's scouting combine will be NFL's next event to open its doors to the public.

Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn could go from making $600,000 a year to $9 million annually
The first day of NFL free agency -- March 13 -- can't come soon enough for Matt Flynn. The soon-to-be ex-Green Bay Packer backup is expected to be the league's most in-demand free-agent quarterback --once Drew Brees is signed or franchised by the Saints and outside of Peyton Manning being healthy and released by the Colts. news: Cardinals GM: Kolb likely to stay despite impending $7M bonus
Arizona Cardinals general manager Rod Graves said Thursday that he expects to move into next season with Kevin Kolb as his quarterback, but he wouldn't completely rule out a shakeup.

Why wait? Kuechly doing everything at Combine -
The unfortunate reality about the Scouting Combine is that too many of the elite prospects choose not to work out in Indianapolis but instead wait until their Pro Day.