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Seahawks Week in Review: In Case You Missed It

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I've been trying to do this a little more often; as people around here know, news moves quickly, and so do front-paged stories. With respect for the hard work all the writers at this site do, I'd be remiss in not nudging you back to do a little reading, if you happened to miss something. Please go back and check out some of the analysis and commentary that's been up at the site this week!

Charlie continues his absurdly (and excellently) detailed breakdown of the Seahawks 2011 season, with scheme picadillos, formation commentary, big plays, intriguing plot turns, and more. Props to CT for the excellent series...

Seattle Seahawks 2011 Re-View: Week 3 vs. Arizona, Part 1 - Field Gulls
Finally, it's time to recap the first win of 2011! Check out the first quarter; Seattle's first lead of the year and more!

Seattle Seahawks 2011 Re-View: Week 3 vs. Arizona, Part 2 - Field Gulls
We finish recapping the first half of Seattle's Week 3 win vs. Arizona. Check out the Sidney Rice factor, the Bandit defense, and more!

Seattle Seahawks: Exploring Free Agency Methods and the Draft - Field Gulls
An in depth look at some questions about the Seahawks' methods in free agency, and some musings about the draft.

Ben threw down some great analysis on some Seahawks targets for this year's draft and a commentary on the depth issue this roster has.

2012 NFL Draft: Potential FS Targets for the Seahawks - Field Gulls
Earl Thomas is 22 years old and is arguably the most valuable safety in the league. I say "most valuable" instead of "best" because his instincts, elite first step, and closing speed allow Seattle to play cover-1 more often and at a higher level than any other team in the league. This gives us a ton of schematic freedom and has especially helped emphasize Kam Chancellor's strengths.

Skirting the Edge of Depth (Death) - Field Gulls
Two years ago Pete Carroll and John Schneider inherited an aging team weak with talent. The Seahawks had a combined nine wins over the past two seasons and their momentum was continuing downward. There were several quality youngish players on the roster but the overall talent level was embarrassingly thin. In 2010 Pete and the gang stopped the downward momentum. In 2011 they propelled it upward.

Kenny with a couple of brilliant posts this week, as usual:

Seattle Seahawks: Each Game in a Picture - Field Gulls
The Seattle Seahawks season in 16 pictures.

Seattle Seahawks: All 13 of Tarvaris Jackson's Interceptions - Field Gulls
A review of every interception Tarvaris Jackson threw in his first season in Seattle.

Davis with some of his usual - well-researched and informative salary cap info:

NFL Salary Cap: Top Teams In Terms of Cap Space & Estimating Where the Seahawks Check-In - Field Gulls
On the John Clayton Radio Show on Saturday (Feb 11th, 2012), the Professor threw out a number - he said that the Seahawks had $34.8M in Salary Cap Room for 2012.

UPDATED: NFL Salary Cap Odds & Ends - Some Questions, Some Answers - Field Gulls
A couple cap odds and ends I wanted to follow up on are here below. Just trying to learn and push the conversation forward.

I brought a few things, here and there.

NFL Draft 2012: Scouting on Shea McClellin; College Football Links for Saturday - Field Gulls
For your prospect of the day on this wonderful Saturday morning, I wanted to bring up a guy that I've been a little bit intrigued with, Boise State's Shea McClellin.

NFL Draft 2012: Mike Mayock's Positional Rankings: Tight Ends - Field Gulls
A look at the top tight ends in this year's Draft.

Mike Mayock's Positional Rankings: Running Backs - Field Gulls
A look at some running backs that the Seahawks might have interest in...

Seahawks Roster Analysis: Cornerbacks - Field Gulls
The Seahawks, rather surprisingly, showed some solid depth at the cornerback position this season with the emergence of Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman after Marcus Trufant and Walter Thurmond both went down.

We get consistently excellent fanposting here, and I wanted to point you back to a few...

NFL Draft 2012: Where Do NFL Teams Draft Franchise Running Backs? - Field Gulls
There is an argument that running back is a fungible position in the NFL, and that effective NFL RBs can be consistently drafted in the mid to late rounds. I’ve (without a shred of evidence) made the argument that maybe NFL scouting is just poor at identifying which college RBs will succeed in the NFL, and that is why you can draft them in the mid-late rounds. In this article, I wanted to test the assumptions that: 1) RBs are fungible, 2) effective NFL RBs are available to be drafted in later rounds, and 3) that NFL front offices are poor at identifying NFL caliber RB talent.

Field Gulls Preposterous Statement Tournament - Field Gulls
A Washington native, I am currently living in Minnesota and occasionally listen to the local sports-talk radio station, KFAN. One of their hosts, Dan Cole, is currently hosting a Preposterous Comment Tournament (the fourth annual) for statements made in 2011. Check out the entire bracket here.

NFL Draft 2012: Quarterback Roundup - Field Gulls
For some reason, a lot of people seem interested in the quarterback class of 2012. This could be because, barring an investment in a free agent like Manning or Flynn, our QBOTF is coming from this class. Or it could be because we're terrified of viciously throwing a mostly empty bottle of whisky through the television during the draft over the Seahawks' persistent failure to draft a competent quarterback. Again. Wait, what? Just me? Let's move on.