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Seattle Seahawks, Field Gulls, YouTube, and YOU!

"I really think this FieldGulls Youtube channel will be major."
"I really think this FieldGulls Youtube channel will be major."

As Danny said earlier today, SBN is getting ready to launch their official YouTube Channel. This is not a small deal. It is a reasonably big deal for SBN and Sports Blogging in general. It's also a big deal for me, since I'll be your representative for the Field Gulls YouTube channel.

It's not as big of a deal as, let's say, war, but it's a big deal to us! We hope to one day be so big that Julian Assange will hack us and ruin us forever. That's when you know you've made it on the internet.

One website that apparently is doing well is called YouTube. Ever since Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell told us about a Lazy Sunday and The Chronic(what)cles of Narnia, this video site has done pretty well. It's hard to believe that was only five years ago. From Charlie biting a finger to Rebecca Black having a Friday, online video has overtaken popular culture and set the standard for what's popular and what's not.

I would prefer to be viral and make the Field Gulls channel the best of the network. I already know that the 12th Man brings it better than any other fanbase, so I am not worried about getting support and will hope to give you the best content possible. If all else fails, football in the groin will have a football in the groin.

After the jump, I'll explain how YOU can help ME help YOU help FIELD GULLS.

I have already got several ideas for running series that will be featured on the FieldGulls SBN YouTube channel. Think of my regular articles on FieldGulls and then put them into a visual format and you'll have some idea of the content I will have on a regular basis. (So, if all goes as planned, me and Kam Chancellor riding a tandem bicycle.)

But when I'm not playing catch with Pete Carroll or doing my off-Broadway one man show, there will be other segments that will definitely just be straight up talk about the state of the Seahawks. One of which will be a question and answer segment. I'll work on the answers but I need the questions!!!

Still, if you don't know me by now, you will not never ever know me. I would hope that over time eventually you will get to know me. And I can get to know you. But if you do know me by now, you know I don't like to do things in the typical cookie-cutter fashion. I want to do this with a little bit of edge. A little bit of style. A little bit of "What the hell is that guy doing?"

So I need two types of questions to start with:

  1. Just send in your questions about the Hawks. It can be anything related to the team, the draft, free agency, or any football-related questions.
  2. Send in advice questions that are not football-related. Something like a "Dear Abby" segment. They can be relationship advice or a tough decision you have to make. Anything is up for grabs. "What does this have to do with the Seahawks?" Trust me, I've got that plan sorted out!
Sign the questions however you prefer to be referred to. I've got the segments planned out and now I just need questions! Where to submit?

SBNFieldGulls [at] GMAIL [dot] COM

Just do it! Don't be shy! I need as many submissions as possible to make the segments as good as possible. If there is a lack of submissions, then you can expect to be hassled by yours truly until I do have enough questions.

As this project is new and seeing that we are in the off-season, videos will come more sparingly now than they will during the season, but I am still obligated to put up videos on a regular basis over the next few months and I'm excited to do so. I told Danny last year that I wanted to do videos for Field Gulls and then all of a sudden SBN got going on this awesome project with YouTube and now we're here.

I warned them that I have a face specifically designed for writing and they still said "Go ahead and do it anyway."

I am taking on the challenge of creating a brand new YouTube channel for the site and holding up the responsibility of turning this baby into a full grown man that is worthy of a beautiful wife that can bare many children that will one day grow up to be Seahawks. Now it's up to the FieldGulls community to help me make it the best of the network. No joke, I want our numbers to blow out the other SBN sites and show that we've got the greatest fanbase of any team of any sport.

I'll do my best to do my part, now please help me out by sending in some awesome questions and when the videos go live, let's watch/share/spread the love so that every Seahawks fan in Seattle knows about FieldGulls and the new stuff we're doing over here.

Otherwise, I'll turn it into a re-broadcasting of Fred videos and I don't think anybody wants that.

(When the site goes live for real, video submissions will also be welcomed and accepted.)

But for now, thats SBNFieldGulls (at) GMAIL [dot] COM

And I'm on Twitter too.