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Seahawks Podcast: 2012 NFL Draft Talk with Derek Stephens & Davis Hsu, Part III

Today we give you part three, the final segment of a great 2012 NFL Draft podcast, recorded in studio by our own Davis Hsu and Derek Stephens. If you haven't yet, make sure you check out Part One and Part Two then re-visit this post after. This capstone portion, 58-minutes of glory, focuses on quarterbacks. Rumor has it that there may be some interest in that particular position in the Seahawks front office and possibly among the fanbase.

I want to take this time to personally thank Derek and Davis for putting these together - seriously a great look at a large portion of the players that have been linked, one way or another, to the Seahawks, over the last couple of months. Talking to Derek and Davis personally, just in running this site, has completely affirmed my confidence in their knowledge and my respect for their opinions, and these podcasts are a great way for all Field Gulls readers to get some exposure to their perspectives that I'm lucky enough to get so frequently by editing this site. Anyway, good sh*t guys.

For a recap - in case you are a newcomer here, Derek, in addition to writing here at Field Gulls, is an expert draft contributor at First Round Exchange‬, a contributor at's NFL Blog Blitz, has scouted for Lindy's Sports Pro Football Draft Guide and provided player draft analysis at while working closely with Rob Rang. He also has his own draft site in development - - that I'll be sure to point you towards whenever there are updates. Derek has done a series here at Field Gulls called the Rookie Report that you should definitely check out.

Davis has a wide focus of subjects here, but he mostly likes to write about the big picture stuff like salary cap management, roster building and sustainment, draft strategy - all that good stuff. The two of them together, talking draft, makes for a pretty interesting listen and is definitely informative.

Check out the final segment (until they meet again, hopefully soon) after the jump!

-Field Gulls Draft Podcast featuring Derek Stephens and Davis Hsu, Part Three-