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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Saturday


Bill Belichick, Vince Wilfork, and the New England Patriots defense - Grantland
The Patriots' Vince Wilfork and the evolution of New England's hybrid defense

Breaking Down the Tape: Ryan Tannehill vs SMU - Mocking The Draft
Earlier in the week, I looked at Nick Foles' footwork, suggesting that was holding him back from being the third best quarterback. Today I'm going to look at Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill was widely regarded as the third best quarterback in this draft until he broke his foot. This caused him to missed the Senior Bowl, and potentially other pre-draft workouts such as the combine and pro day (although it has yet to be determined what he will miss). If he does miss the combine, teams will have to rely on purely his tape to evaluate his ability on the field. With that being said, I felt like I should re-watch all the Tannehill footage I can find and break down each game individually, starting with the first game of the season against SMU.

Why Doug Martin is an option for the Seahawks " Seahawks Draft Blog
This week I mocked Boise State’s senior running back Doug Martin to the Seahawks in round two. The pick raised a few eye brows, with people questioning why the team would spend such a high choice on the position with Marshawn Lynch likely to be re-signed or at least franchise tagged before hitting the open market. I suppose it all comes down to the importance of the running game for this offense. Pete Carroll made it a priority upon his arrival in Seattle and it’s why he appointed Alex Gibbs and then Tom Cable to coach his offensive line and coordinate the running game. Carroll wants to run the ball, and run the ball with authority.

Seahawks Offseason: Player News, Roster Transactions, Injury Updates & More - SB Nation Seattle
Seahawks Strength Coach Chris Carlisle Is Not Kidding Around.

NFL Mock Draft 2012: Is Penn State's Devon Still a Seattle Seahawks Target? - SB Nation Seattle
The Seattle Seahawks have specific needs, like pass-rushing, quarterback and offensive line.

2012 NFL Draft: Scouting Reports, Rankings, Player Analysis, Videos, & More - SB Nation Seattle
NFL Draft 2012: Chris Polk Stock Taking a Tumble?

Peyton Manning as a Seahawk?
The rumors are out there so I figured I would give my opinion on the matter because I know you all really care what I think (along with every other person with a microphone or a keyboard): What will happen with Peyton Manning next year?

Agent expects Manning to play in 2012 | National Football Post
In an appearance on NFL Network's "Super Bowl Live," Peyton Manning's agent said Friday the quarterback has made "a substantial amount of progress" and that he expects him to play in 2012. - Freakonomics Episode 15
We all know the cliché. Go ahead, put on your best John Facenda voice and say it with us: DEFENSE. WINS. CHAMPIONSHIPS. What is that even supposed to mean? That defense is more important during the playoffs than the regular season? That defense is generally more important than the offense? Or is the saying maybe the result of a still-echoing entreaty of some grizzled defensive coordinator trying to fire up his troops during a championship game long ago? "Men, you and I know that our teammates on offense are good, tough and talented men. And they helped get us here. But let me be clear: DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!"

Roger Goodell said NFL will expand Thursday night schedule - NFL -
The NFL is increasing the number of Thursday night games so more of its teams can play in prime time.

The Patriots, Giants, Super Bowl XLVI, and the civilian drag of NFL players - Grantland
Civilian drag and the American football player.

Jene Bramel: Play Defense, not defenses | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
[Editor's note: Jene Bramel is an excellent football writer best known for his expertise with individual defensive players at One of the reasons he's so good in this area (as well as the offensive side of the ball) is that he analyzes the game. He enjoys watching games and breaking down what he sees. Jene asked me if he could occasionally contribute to The Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog when he had something he felt like writing. How could I refuse?]

Tom Brady: Master of the schemes | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Among all the many things that makes Tom Brady such a great quarterback, perhaps the most valuable and overlooked trait is his ability to change schemes through his career, master those different concepts, and keep playing at an elite level. Most quarterbacks, especially when they become superstars, tend to take their playbooks with them (in a figurative sense) when they switch teams and/or systems.

Roger Goodell: NFL may move to 34 teams with L.A. franchise - Super Bowl XLVI -
Commissioner Roger Goodell says if the NFL puts a team in Los Angeles, it is probable the league would expand to 34 franchises. Appearing Thursday night on "Costas Live" on NBC Sports Network, Goodell said the league "doesn't want to move any of our teams."

Robert Griffin III says he is best QB prospect in NFL draft - Don Banks -
There may or may not be any significance in the order Gatorade brought the NFL draft's top two quarterback prospects to the Super Bowl this week -- Andrew Luck first, on Thursday, and Robert Griffin III second, on Friday -- but that's certainly not the order Griffin is resigning himself to in terms of how events will unfold in late April's first round.

Players All-Star Classic: Stock Watch | National Football Post
Three up and three down from this past week. news: Condon: It isn't foolish to believe Manning can play again
Peyton Manning's agent, Tom Condon, said Friday on NFL Network that it wouldn't be foolish or unsafe for the Indianapolis Colts quarterback to play football next season as he continues to recover from his third neck surgery.

Thiel: If Indy can do it, what’s Seattle’s excuse? | Seattle Seahawks
Now that Indianapolis ends the small-city excuse, and New York ends the northern outdoor-game excuse, there’s no logistical reason for Seattle NOT to host a Super Bowl. Your move, Paul Allen.

Checking in with Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams - Blog -
Mike Williams' plan for improving upon a disappointing 2011 season includes playing at a lower weight. "I've got to get better, I've got to get faster, I've got to get more explosive. I won't be playing at 240 [pounds] this year. I'm going to go down and go a lot lower than that just to give myself the best chance," the Seahawks wide receiver told "Brock and Salk" on Wednesday.

Seahawks Blog | Patriots are pioneers in using statistical analysis | Seattle Times Newspaper
Hey, you know what's awesome? Reading another article about just how freakin' smart those New England Patriots are. Yeah? You don't say? And don't look now, but those Patriots are more willing than all those other stodgy NFL curmudgeons to look at the game in a new way. Excuse me while I barf.

Seahawks anticipating Super rematch
Who will win Sunday’s Super Bowl? We asked seven Seahawks. Three picked the Patriots. Three picked the Giants. And Marcus Trufant picked the obvious: "The team that plays the best will win." Blog | Tez: Orlando over Indy "
When the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2012 is announced Saturday, in or out (again), Cortez Kennedy will be far from the maddening crowd.

710ESPN Seattle audio: Seattle free agents - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Brock Huard, Mike Salk and I offered thoughts on Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl and the Seattle Seahawks' free agents during our discussion Thursday.

ManningWatch: Cards' Kolb commitment - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals president Michael Bidwill, speaking at the Super Bowl's Radio Row, pointed to improved quarterback play as the team's No. 1 priority for 2012.