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Field Gulls Launches Its Seahawks YouTube Page and I Get Weird

It was Bill O'Reilly that once said, "F--- it! We're going live!"

Today marks a very special day for Field Gulls, for Seahawks coverage, for sports blogging on SBN, and for me as I finally get to turn my written word into video. Remember to subscribe to the brand new SBN YouTube Channel. My branch of that, the SBN Field Gulls YouTube channel, will give me an opportunity to expand on the coverage I already do and be more creative in how I cover the Seahawks. Just like in my writing, I don't want it to be like other sports reporting on tape. I also don't want it to be just like the coverage of what I write. If I can write it, then why am I taping it? Writing is a lot easier.

I've always been a movie guy. I never cared much for book learnin'. So this is very exciting for me to be able to expand into motion pictures (technically, that's what it is) and make videos that aren't just informative, but are creative and aren't a waste of your time.

I'm really excited about this. SBN is really excited about the launch as a whole. I believe that my video coverage will be different from any other videos, and that unique aspect of it will hopefully keep bringing you back and telling a friend. They say for every 1 person you tell about "good service" that you'll tell 10 people about "bad service."

Well, if you like these videos and you only tell 1 person, then I'll start doing really bad videos so that I can get ten times as many hits. So let's make a deal and say that if you help me I'll have more freedom and resources to go to places that I didn't know were possible.

This first video is an introduction piece and I think stylistically a good representation of some of what you can expect. I believe in you 12th man, so let's make this the best SBN Channel on the network and show them what we're made of.

It begins after the jump...

It has begun!

I hope you guys enjoyed the first video and are ready for a whole lot more. I have a bunch of ideas for future series and videos and sometimes they'll be straight fictional, while others will be straight informative with interviews and more. I plan on having a lot of fun with this and show SBN that this is either going to be the greatest decision they've ever made.. or the worst.

Thanks for watching. Don't forget to follow on twitter, to subscribe to the channel, and to tell your loved ones how you feel.