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Field Gulls Video 2 and More From the SBN Channel

So we are something like two weeks into this whole YouTube channel thing for SBN. It's still very early but you can definitely see potential around the network. I feel nice and warm inside about the fact that the Field Gulls channel is doing really good in subscribers and views on the first video relative to the other NFL team reports! My doctor told me, "No, Kenneth, you have a very serious gastro-intestinal problem and it has nothing to do with your YouTube channel. We need to get you into surgery immediately otherwise blah blah blah."

I don't know what else he said after that because he lost me at "Nothing to do with you-" Everything has to do with me?

I want to grow the channel into something that will make SBN take notice and say "Let's give that guy an actual budget like we give our featured people." I highly doubt that SBNation will start throwing money at me, but YOU NEVER KNOW! It could be like one of my weekly features: "Bomani Jones throws $5 bills at Kenneth" I am telling you, I got good ideas.

The 2nd video however, maybe wasn't one of them?

If you're subscribed to the channel and you are one of those people that checks your YouTube subscriptions all the time, then you already know. Or if you have noticed our YouTube widget on the right side of the screen. That will update whenever I throw up a new video. Here is the 2nd video for FieldGulls and after the jump, some more vids from SBNation as well as a note on how I can make Amy K Nelson fall in love with me.

More stuff after the jump...

Amy K Nelson is one of the featured correspondents for SBNation. That's where I want to be. Featured I mean, not necessarily I want to be where Amy K Nelson is geographically. Did you ever notice that when a person has a middle initial, you want to say their full name?

Anyways, Amy K Nelson loves sports and is also an attractive person of the opposite gender. Hey, I like sports! I'm single! I'm... well, I am of the opposite gender. What if I wore a Franklin Gutierrez mask 24/7 or something? Step one to get Amy K Nelson to notice me will be tweeting this to her. Hey, did you know Amy K Nelson has over 50,000 followers?! Man, this might be difficult for her to see. I'll try anyway. It's a Saturday, so there's a chance!

Her first video was on arm wrestling in Brooklyn and was really good. In her 2nd video, she talks to Duke-UNC fans about the rivalry. Look at how uncomfortable Amy K Nelson is at the 1:57 mark. I don't if its because its crowded or because the drunk guy was getting too close.

People also really like Shutdown Fullback. I am saying a lot less about this one than I did about Amy K Nelson. I just want to talk about Amy K Nelson!

Check out the rest at YouTube/SBNation. Follow me on Twitter.