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NFL Free Agency 2012 Primer: Defensive Options for the Seattle Seahawks

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Continuing on with my free agency primer of sorts, I wanted to lay out a few potential options for the Seahawks. As I said yesterday, my criteria are pretty simple really - this is a list of free agents that a) I could see the Seahawks pursuing, and b) I would WANT the Seahawks to consider pursuing. Not all of these players are awesome options (though, some definitely are awesome), but with fewer draft picks this year and a bevy of free agents set to leave in the next few weeks, some holes will need to be filled. Some depth will need to be established. Some free agents may need to be signed. The defensive side of the ball, in particular, might experience some churn.

I'll say it again, I think the Seahawks have built up their depth to the point where signing aging veterans toward the ends of their careers (save for maybe Peyton Manning) would not be all that interesting or useful. I'd prefer too, that instead of using stop-gap veterans, the Seahawks develop their youth and strengthen their depth with an eye toward the future. This is not all encompassing, so please reply below with players I missed, and with reasoning for why they might fit here. Let me know what you think (h/t to WalterFootball for their updated list of Free Agents). Here are my picks.

Defensive Ends:

Mario Williams, DE, Texans. Age: 27
Jeremy Mincey, DE, Jaguars. Age: 28
Antwan Applewhite, DE, Panthers. Age: 26
Derrick Harvey, DE, Broncos. Age: 25
Jamaal Anderson, DE, Colts. Age: 26

Defensive Tackles:

Paul Soliai, NT, Dolphins. Age: 28
Red Bryant, DE/DT, Seahawks. Age: 28
Kendall Langford, DE/DT, Dolphins. Age: 26
Jason Jones, DT, Titans. Age: 26
Amobi Okoye, DT, Bears. Age: 25

Outside Linebackers:

Jarret Johnson, DE/OLB, Ravens. Age: 31
Erin Henderson, OLB, Vikings. Age: 26
Leroy Hill, OLB, Seahawks. Age: 29
Wesley Woodyard, OLB, Broncos. Age: 26

Inside Linebackers:

Stephen Tulloch, ILB, Lions. Age: 27
Curtis Lofton, ILB, Falcons. Age: 26
David Hawthorne, ILB, Seahawks. Age: 27
Dan Connor, ILB, Panthers. Age: 26
Jonathan Goff, ILB, Giants. Age: 26
Larry Grant (RFA), ILB, 49ers. Age: 27


William Middleton, CB, Jaguars. Age: 26
Terrell Thomas, CB, Giants. Age: 27


Haruki Nakamura, S, Ravens. Age: 26
Atari Bigby, SS, Seahawks. Age: 30