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NFL Free Agency 2012: Cap Numbers, Releases, Rumors Galore - Open Thread

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Anyway, talk about it below and hit me up with the latest news when you see it. I'll post here.

A couple of interesting developments this morning, but nothing super noteworthy as of yet. We'll try and keep this thing updated throughout the day. The Texans continued their purge of solid players today by releasing 28 year-old fullback Lawrence Vickers. Also, one of the free agent targets I had identified for the Seahawks, CB Terrell Thomas, has re-signed with the Giants. Marques Colston re-signed with the Saints.

The 49ers signed Randy Moss. So there's that. More importantly, Danny O'Neil, and everyone, are still reporting that the Seahawks will go hard for Mario Williams. John Clayton has said this. Said Johnny boy:

"If you're going to be going for Mario Williams, the best value is to put him on the line of scrimmage and have him rush as a 4-3 defensive end. That's the way the league goes," Clayton said. "You don't see $15 million linebackers. ... I think that when you look at the value, he's going to be more valuable to a 4-3 team, and the two 4-3 teams that appear to have either the most money or the most interest are Atlanta and Seattle."

As for Red Bryant, here's what Clayton says on that:

"They're making a very generous offer but it's still not what he wants," Clayton said. "Maybe Red's thinking that there is going to be the big free-agent money out there -- maybe he can make $8 million to $10 million [a year]. If he's going to make $8 million to $10 million, it's not going to be in Seattle."

Also, per Jason La Canfora, here are his cap numbers for each team, as of Sunday. He has Seattle a little lower than most, at $27.7M: (Note: This does not include any cap penalties against Dallas or Washington and does not account for releases and restructurings completed Monday. Those numbers will be figured in Tuesday, along with additional cuts and contracts.)

Arizona: -$13.7 million (they're over)
Atlanta: $7M
Baltimore: $13M
Buffalo: $23M
Carolina: $1.3M
Chicago: $23.5M
Cincinnati: $39M
Cleveland: $15M
Dallas: -$2.7M (they're over)
Denver: $42.3M
Detroit: -$7.3M (they're over)
Green Bay: $5.6M
Houston: $615,000
Indinapolis: $13.1M
Jacksonville: $34.5M
Kansas City: $22.3M
Miami: $9.8M
Minnesota: $24M
New England: $15.5M
New Orleans: $6M
New York Giants: $1.6M
New York Jets: $13M
Oakland: $640,000
Philadelphia: $13.9M
Pittsburgh: $1.8M
San Diego: $16.3M
Seattle: $27.7M
San Francisco: $20.7M
St. Louis: $9.8M
Tampa Bay: $44.9M
Tennessee: $25.1M
Washington: $16.4M