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Seahawks Re-Sign Red Bryant. NFL Free Agency Open Thread Part II: Seahawks Bugaloo

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Big Red.
Big Red.

You may now continue your NFL and Seahawks talk in an orderly fashion.

UPDATE: Seahawks re-sign Red Bryant

Thus far, Seattle has signed 1 Heath Farwell's and 0 Mario Williams's. What's up with that? Seattle will allegedly meet with Chad Henne and he has shown flashes of not being bad before. Breaking: Bad. See what I did there?

Yeah, well, I'll update this part of the open thread when the news comes in and stuff. You know what to do. Right? What, you don't know what to do? Fine, here's what you do: You talk about NFL Free Agency. It's going on right now, don't you know? That's funny that you didn't know because it's BLOWIN' UP right now. Check out the internet, it's all over this story.

You're probably saying to yourself "What the hell are you talking about, man???" and my reply to you is that I think I'm supposed to have 150 words, however, I could be wrong about that. I'm over 150 now. I can stop now. This is actually where your comments make up the "article" so start talking folks.


Do it.