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NFL Draft 2012: Scouting QB Ryan Lindley, San Diego State

DK edit - Well, my first ever 'scheduled post' that was really just a rough draft that I accidentally published! Whoops. Regardless, I was going to write more on Lindley, but this will apparently have to do for now, now that it's out there in cyberspace.

NFL Films scion and football-guru-genius Greg Cosell got my attention the other day when he described San Diego State's Ryan Lindley as the 'most intriguing QB' in the 2012 NFL Draft. Lindley is not a quarterback that I have been strongly considering lately for the Seahawks but after Cosell's description I've found myself infinitely more intrigued. Here's what Cosell had to say, with my additions to make it a bit more readable.

"[Lindley] made more NFL throws than any QB I evaluated on film. One concern is [his] scattershot accuracy. [He made] more stick throws into tight windows [than other QBs evaluated], but [on the] flip side, [he also had] too many forced passes. SDSU's [offense is characterized by an] intermediate/vertical pass game, [which featured] difficult throws."

Cosell continued:

"Lindley a lot to work with. Will be interested to see where he's drafted. Play action, intermediate/vertical teams will like what they see."

Considering the Seahawks offense is heavily predicated on smashmouth running and heavy formations, then buoyed by play action with vertical shots down the field, these accolades by Cosell make Lindley pretty intriguing.

"Questions with Lindley are inconsistent accuracy and ability to learn, [in terms of] processing information and reading coverage. What can be coached? At this point Lindley is more of a fastball pitcher than touch passer. He also [has a] tendency to widen his base too much on throws, [which] impacts accuracy."

"Lindley played in pro offense [with respect to] personnel, formations, route combinations, & reading progressions. Play action, with defined reads, was featured."

"[With Lindley, there's a ] fine line [between] making tough (NFL) throws into tight windows and throwing into coverage. [He] crossed the line at times but also [made some] wow throws. No question, Lindley has concerns, but you see big time NFL throws on film. Don't see those throws with [Arizona's Nick] Foles. Major projection [based on] film."

Then, Cosell finished his train of thought with this, ostensibly referring to many of the concerns he cited with Lindley and the other quarterbacks he was evaluating:

"I'm big believer in coaching. All rookie QBs need work [on] mechanics, understanding offense & defense. How they're manipulated [is] critical."

Rob Staton has an excellent breakdown of Lindley's game here.