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John Carlson Signs with Vikings; Chad Henne, Matt Flynn, Steve Hutchinson Schedule Visits to Seattle

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UPDATED: Interestingly enough, as you can see above, Hutch is on his way to Seattle. More interesting...

A lot of crazy stuff going on yesterday and into this morning, with the latest being that both Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks have signed in Tampa Bay, which is exciting. Carlos Rogers and Perrish Cox have re-signed/signed in San Francisco to join Randy Moss. Mario Williams is in Buffalo and was seen leaving a medical facility this morning, which everyone assumes means he's taken a physical in preparation to sign there (pure speculation though at this point, maybe he had a tummy ache), and of course, the Seahawks are scheduled to meet with Chad Henne today and Matt Flynn tomorrow.

The Matt Flynn visit isn't overly surprising now that his apparent market value has shrunk quite a bit. With RG3 going to Washington, Peyton still on the loose somewhere, and a bevy of potential draftable QBs in April, his list of hardcore suitors seems to have diminished. Up until today it seemed like his only market was a choice between Miami or Cleveland, so I just think it's a smart move to have him out here if he's not going to be commanding a huge price. I've never been against the Flynn option as long as it's cheap, and it appears to be cheaper right now than we originally thought. We'll see.

Also, right now, I don't even feel bad about the Henne visit - I need to go back and watch some of his starts, but at the moment I'm not pessimistic about it. That may change as I go through, but in this system, with Carroll's perspective on QB play, I'm a little intrigued. For the short term, mind you. He'd, at worst, be a good backup.