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NFL Free Agency Tracker 2012: Seahawks Schedule Visit for DB Corey Graham, Reportedly in on Mike Tolbert

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Graham was a 2011 special teams' Pro Bowler with the Bears so this interest makes a whole lot of sense for the Seahawks, who have shown a propensity to sign players solely for their prowess on that unit.

Also, though this is very speculative, Omar Kelly reports that the Seahawks might be in on free agent running back Mike Tolbert. Per this tweet, Kelly says 'I'm hearing he's gonna be a Steeler or maybe join the Seahawks." To contradict the Steelers point, Gary Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tweeted, "Go easy on Mike Tolbert to Steelers talk. No visit. Not happening."

So, where that leaves us, who knows. It seems a bit unlikely that the Seahawks will pursue Tolbert, but as can happen in free agency, once the market for a player or position dries up, bargains become available. If Tolbert isn't getting much interest, and would take a relatively inexpensive contract, in my opinion he'd be a great value. He's a great goal line back, he's versatile in the pass game, he can pass block, and he fits the profile as a bruiser that can back up Marshawn Lynch. He's only 26, and can assume feature back duties if needed. Though, as Davis points out:

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