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Jason Jones: A Link-Heavy Commercial-Infused Highlight Reel

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Holding? Hands to the face? Not as far as that ref is concerned.
Holding? Hands to the face? Not as far as that ref is concerned.

I'm pretty excited about the Jason Jones signing. He's young, athletic, and could bring some much needed interior pass rush. If he plays well this season then we can resign him to a long term deal. If he doesn't play well, goodbye. We got a taste of Jason Jones analysis here in a post Danny did a few days ago. I'm sure there will be further analysis in the coming days or weeks and I am eagerly awaiting that, as I'm sure others are too.

Analysis is great for getting to know the player but at a certain point you just want to see him play. If you're anything like me, the coming NFL season is a long time to wait. Even if it's just a crappy youtube highlight video, it can be very satisfying watching the guy make a few plays and imagining him making those plays in blue and green. Unfortunately defensive players are often left wanting for a youtube highlight video.

Jason Jones is no exception, unless you include a slide show to a Lil Wayne song. This forces some of us into the living hell known as the Video Archive. This is a place filled with commercials just as long as the play you're trying to watch, videos that are "no longer available," and tons of irrelevant vidoes containing the names "Jason" or "Jones" in the title.

For me, it was still worth it to wade through the irrelevant videos and hair-pulling commercials in order to get a glimpse of Jason Jones' potential as a pass rusher. I can't help you with the commercials but I can help you circumvent the irrelevant videos. After the jump you will find all the worthwhile Jason Jones' plays that I could find in the Video Archive.

A sack against the Jaguars in 2009

A sack against the Broncos in 2010

A sack against the Steelers in 2010

Sidelines forced fumble against the Chiefs in 2010

Steve Mariucci highlights Jones' 3.5 sack, defensive player of the week performance against the Steelers in 2010

A sack against the Cowboys in 2010

A sack against the Texans in 2010

A sack against the Chiefs in 2010

A sack against the Colts in 2011

A forced fumble against the Bucs in 2011

A sack against the Panthers in 2011