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Seahawks Sign Matt Flynn: Reaction to Free Agency Thus Far, SBNFieldGulls YouTube

Lots of good feelings about this signing of Matt Flynn and I think he will provide exactly what the Seahawks need: Hope at the QB position. I may have been a supporter in Tarvaris Jackson and I might have believed (and still do) that the team CAN win with him (emphasis on CAN, if they had an elite defense and it all broke right) but Flynn provides a bit more upside than Jackson.

I am excited.

For the first few days of free agency, we had very little nothing to get excited about. Then the signing of Jason Jones was neat and provided a glimpse into what the defensive line could become in 2012, especially if Seattle drafts a player like Melvin Ingram. (drool. drool. drool.) On top of that, the contract was favorable to the team; Prove it, Jason.

Now the news today of signing a potential starting QB that could be above-average and hopefully closer to Matt Schaub than Kevin Kolb but only at the cost of a 3-year contract and $10 million guaranteed provides a similar feeling: We like you dude, but prove it.

My third video for FieldGulls addresses my feelings about free agency for Seattle thus far. It's short and sweet and I like it much more than my 2nd video, for which I received a few hateful comments and even an EMAIL! It's all good though because this is the silly internet, you sillies. I know what I am, I know what I do, and whether it's liked or disliked, few people put in 30 hours a week of their free time for their passion and actually subject themselves to public ridicule. I can hack the hate though and through it I hope to improve. Here's the good news: FieldGulls is gaining about the highest number of video views and subscribers among all the team reports! Thanks! Whether its out of love or hate, thanks! (Follow me on twitter, I have changed my handle to @KennethArthurS which is less confusing than @casetines. If you already followed me, you don't need to re-follow.)

No word yet from Amy K Nelson, Bomani Jones, or Matt Ufford. Someday...