Doug Baldwin's NFL Draft 2012 Watch List


It's really difficult to not like Doug Baldwin. I mean, look at this list of epicness!

Seriously though, if you are not following @DougBaldwinJr, you really are missing out. Missing out on a fan-friendly person. Let DKSB (Dave Krieg's Stike Beard <-- blogger of DKSB (duh)) explain:

His recent tweets - when not commenting back from the awesome 12th fan - have turned some heads, most notably from Mr Beekers:

Baldwin is getting weirdly specific on twitter

Doug Baldwin Jr
You guys notice that the players we have brought in were not released by their team but were actually wanted back. Jones means LB’s in draft

Doug Baldwin Jr
Don’t be surprised if we bring D. Howell from Stanford either. Another under the radar guy.

chet broberg
@Dbfresh_89 I think Kuechly would be a good fit and he was a straight up beast at the combine. good pick at 12

Doug Baldwin Jr ‏
@chetbroberg combine means absolutely nothing

And Mr Erickson:

Fwiw, Doug Baldwin mentioned on Twitter the other day to keep an eye on Coye Francies

He said he’s got "balls" and "plays really aggressively." Mentioned him (along with Allen Bradford, who would play WLB) as most under-the-radar players on the roster/practice squad.

In addition to that, he said Browner is the toughest CB in practice, Roy Lewis is the most likely to kill you in practice, and Richard Sherman is the best CB he’s ever faced. He mentioned specifically that that opinion was unbiased. He also said the toughest CB he faced last season was Dimitri Patterson of the Browns.

Doug is one of the best player follows on Twitter.

Which led to this scouting/listing/not-really-a-scouting report written by yours truly. I mean, we got two guys from Stanford and they did pretty good.

And his unofficial watch-list for this years NFL Draft (technically it's just Stanford guys [nerds] plus one) can be seen after the jump:

NOTE: Don't expect a shitload of analysis from me. I'm not knowledgeable enough to influence you people with my wording of words unlike the "Field Gulls League of Men Who Use Real Names" and the "Other Field Gulls Members Who Refuse To Write Less Than 9000 Words In The History Of Ever". Just consider me a dinosaur who has difficulty lurking and recording "Le History of Field Gulls".

Andrew Luck - I heard that guy is good at football. Throws a ball good. 1st pick of the NFL Draft I hear.

David DeCastro - So this guy can block things good. The love he gets here somewhat ranges from rational<-->dysfunctional

Jonathan Martin - I also heard this guy is good at blocking things too! Not an elite blocker by some standards, but solid.

And now for the other lesser named Stanford (plus one) players we might or might not look out for!

Coby Fleener - Amusing fact everyone probably knows: Luck LOVED Tight Ends.

Delano Howell - An 'under the radar' SS player according to Baldwin and people who I don't know in real life.Could be a serious consideration for our late picks (6-7). No college Youtube tape on this guy as of this typing.

Omar Bolden - Haven't heard of him, but is apparently a beastly CB with injury concerns. The 'other person'

Chris Owusu - Good Wide Reviever, Injury prone, profit for Pete Carroll?

Sorry I should post some links, but it's the internet, surely you can find info about these guys?

I've used the word 'good' nine times.

/puts on sunglasses

Deal with it.

I'm going to bed now.