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2012 NFL Draft: Scouting Linebackers, Defensive Ends

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In case you haven't already - it's that time of year where you familiarize yourself with some prospects. I am out of town this weekend but this should keep you occupied for a bit. The following are scouting vids from DraftBreakdown on linebackers Lavonte David, Zach Brown, Travis Lewis, Sean Spence, Mychal Kendricks, Ronnell Lewis, Nigel Brandham, Audie Cole, and DE/LB's Nick Perry, Bruce Irvin, Shea McClellin and Vinny Curry. Remember these names, and do some homework on them. It's looking more and more like linebacker and defensive end are what's on the menu this year.

Big thanks to DraftBreakdown for the excellent scouting videos they put together, JMPasq, MARI0clp, Aaron Aloysius, and the whole DraftBreakdown crew.