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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Thursday

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2012 NFL draft countdown: SN's No. 28 prospect, Georgia CB Brandon Boykin - NFL - Sporting News
Strengths: Boykin will be a dynamic playmaking cornerback and returner because of his athleticism and ball skills, despite his size. (Vital statistics: 5-9, 182 pounds, 4.40 in the 40-yard dash) He has excellent instincts to maintain proper position in man coverage. This is true from either an outside alignment or inside covering the slot receiver.

Cosell Talks: The Tannehill Project : NFL Films Blog
Ryan Tannehill started 19 games at Texas A&M. I watched six of them, all from his senior season in College Station, Texas. Given his lack of experience at the quarterback position (only six starts to end his junior year), my evaluation was chronological. I was anxious to see how he progressed as he played more snaps and gained a greater feel for the subtleties of the position.

Draft needs: San Francisco 49ers - NFL - -
The 49ers were excruciatingly close to the Super Bowl in Jim Harbaugh's first season at the helm. To get over the hump, Pete Prisco says San Francisco must find a way to bolster its suspect passing game.

2012 Top Small School NFL Draft Prospects | Static
On average, around 25-30 non-FBS players are selected in the NFL draft. Generally, the first goes off the board somewhere in the second round, and then more start coming off the board by the 4th and 5th round.

Collaborative mock draft " Seahawks Draft Blog
Yesterday I was invited to take part in a collaborative mock draft alongside Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft, Brad Clark of NFL’s Future and Jeff Risdon of Real GM. I’ve posted the results below. I’ll also be updating my own weekly projection tomorrow.

Hard Work Pays Off, Sam Giguere, WR, Canadian's Finest Warrior - Mocking The Draft
If you are from Canada, you know who Sam Giguere is, because in his native country, he is a legend.

Mac's Football Blog: Browns Inquired About Sam Bradford
The Cleveland Browns were one of the teams that inquired about the availability of quarterback Sam Bradford in trade talks with the St. Louis Rams, Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland reports. "His name came up, not from us," Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said at the league meetings on Wednesday. "Clubs inquired. But there was no consideration whatsoever on our part (to trade Bradford)."

2011 Yards Per Route Run: Wide Receivers |
You may have noticed, but this week we’re making an extra effort to bring to you some of our more unique Signature Stats. After bringing you pieces for pass rushers (Pass Rushing Productivity) and running backs (Elusive Rating), we’re now turning our attention to wide receivers. Having shared our Drop Rate stat earlier in the year, we’re now looking at which receivers pick up the most yards per route they run. The formula for this one is pretty simple and it goes a little something like this: Receiving Yards / Number of Routes Run

Salary cap casualties mean different things to different teams, players -
There are so many benefits to being at the owners meetings to discuss trends in the game, especially on the business side of things right in the middle of business season. If you come to these meetings prepared and ready to discuss specifics with some of the decision-makers at the club executive level, they tend to react to things you may have observed. I try to grab their interest on a subject or two and see where it takes the conversation.

Seeing change: Coaches say air game places import on bigger WRs, CBs - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
The NFL game changes all the time, with new wrinkles, new ideas and new ways to put the ball in the end zone and try and stop it from getting there. During the past decade, the NFL has changed in a lot of ways. So to get an idea about where the game is headed and where it's been, I sought out several of the head coaches here at the NFL annual meetings to ask them a variety of on-field related questions, the kind that don't have anything to do with bounties or Tim Tebow.

NFL owners break with tradition on replay - ESPN
After further review, NFL owners decided Wednesday to expand replay reviews to turnovers and extend the postseason overtime rules to the regular season, making sure both teams get possession in the extra period.

Washington Redskins', St. Louis Rams' trade for No. 2 pick a win-win deal - Don Banks -
PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Musings, observations and the occasional insight from the third and final day of the NFL's annual meeting at The Breakers hotel...

Are they defensive ends or outside linebackers? | National Football Post
A closer look at the draft's 'tweeners.

'Adjusting' to the ball? Check out Appalachian State's Brian Quick | National Football Post
Using video to highlight the WR prospect in the red zone.

NFL Draft: Ranking the DT Class by Tiers | National Football Post
Only one prospect makes tier one and it’s not Poe. Blogs " Blog Archive Quick backs up hype at Appalachian St. pro day "
Appalachian State WR Brian Quick (6-foot-3 3/8, 215 pounds) has generated quite a buzz in the pre-draft process, and he kept his momentum going with a solid showing at the school’s pro day on March 19. Twenty six teams, the most ever to attend an Appalachian State pro day according to the school, showed up to watch Quick and his teammates. news: Free-agency losers: Matt Forte, Stephen Ross headline group
Being a loser isn't as simple as it sounds. There's the loser who can't get a date, or good grades, or have any friends. There's the loser who has no ambition in life and will amount to no good. And don't forget the loser who gets that label because he can't handle the simplest of tasks and always screws them up. Finally, there are the ones who get that loser tag because of bad things that just seem to happen to them for no apparent reason.

NFL Draft: How to grade the WR position | National Football Post
Five keys to look at in your own tape study.

Seahawks Blog | 'Hawk Talk: Chat transcript with Danny O'Neil | Seattle Times Newspaper
Want to talk quarterback Matt Flynn? OK. How about Seahawks unproductive pursuit of Peyton Manning? Sure. Where will linebacker David Hawthorne end up? We'll get to that, too. Join Seahawks reporter Danny O'Neil for his weekly Live Chat! starting at noon Tuesday on

Jacobs makes 49ers bigger, older at RB - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Frank Gore, 28, is no longer the oldest halfback on the San Francisco 49ers. That distinction belongs to Brandon Jacobs, whose contract agreement with San Francisco gives the 49ers veteran insurance at a key position.

Melvin Ingram, Stephon Gilmore, Alshon Jeffery impress at South Carolina pro day - NFL -
South Carolina receiver Alshon Jeffery hopes he's finally put the criticisms aside and changed his fortunes for next month's NFL draft

Updated mock draft: 28th March " Seahawks Draft Blog
We’re less than a month away from the draft and less than a week away from discovering the Seahawks new uniforms. Two titanic events (seriously) that will shape the design of the 2012 season in two very different ways. I want to draw attention to yesterday’s ‘State of the franchise’ feature by the NFL Network on the Seahawks. For the uniform enthusiasts (you know who you are) there appears to be a glimpse/leak of the team’s soon-to-be new logo in the intro, replacing the ‘Seahawks blue’ with what appears to be ‘Seahawks silver’. More importantly though, the piece features an interview with Pete Carroll:

Say goodbye to the Junior Rule | National Football Post
Will the disappearance of the junior rule result in more underclassmen applying for the draft? news: Raw skills, upside legitimize Tannehill's top-10 projection
Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III held much-publicized pro days last week, but neither outing carried nearly as much importance as Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill's workout on Thursday. - Mock draft 2.0
Robert Griffin III accomplished the near impossible when he unseated Andrew Luck for the Heisman Trophy, and he has only continued to dazzle his audience more in the NFL’s offseason, lighting up the Scouting Combine and pro-day circuit. However, to kick off the draft with a bang, the one man he still needs to "wow" is Jim Irsay, and the Colts’ owner made his decision last fall.