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Seahawks News of Tomorrow: Seattle Signs Peyton Manning, Or They Don't

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"It's alllll good."
"It's alllll good."

In an effort to reduce hold times, please have your opinions on Peyton Manning ready.

With the news that Manning is indeed a free agent, there is going to be a lot of speculation, arguing, rumors, and updates on his explorations of quarterback openings in the NFL and some of that will pertain to the Seahawks. It's just a natural fit to assume that Seattle will be interested and we've already had a cornucopia of musings from major NFL reporters that "Seattle is going for it" in regards to Manning.

I don't know what's going to happen, but I've decided to just pre-write my articles just in case I am busy that day. As of today, we are at an impasse and the Seahawks can go down two roads: The one with Peyton Manning and the one without. Here is my future take on both:

Peyton Manning Signs with Non-Seahawks Team, Seattle Moving In Another Direction

So, with the breaking news today that Peyton Manning is signing with Team X, we know that the Seahawks won't be selling ridiculous loads of #18 Manning jerseys this year. We knew that this was very possible, or perhaps likely, and so now we can at least start planning for 2012 and beyond without him.

Is that really so bad?

Amid all of the news that John Schneider and Pete Carroll met with Manning and his agent, we know that Seattle was indeed interested in him. They sat down, talked numbers, talked the future, talked health and through all of that they decided that Manning was not worth the price of Manning. When you look at the contract he signed with Team X, you see that with a cap hit like that it would limit Seattle's options to fill other needs.

And this team does have other needs.

It's not that I didn't think it would be amazing if Peyton Manning became a Seattle Seahawk, it's that the NFL is a business and beyond just making money, they have to build their football team up just like you would a business. We can't just go out giving giant bonuses to our "CEOs" just because we want to or because they've been so great. Seattle looked at all of the factors involved and said, "This is a guy that's not a part of the direction we are heading. It's not that we don't think he can still be successful, but the risk factors involved, the health, the age, and the cost didn't add up to us giving him as much money as Team X did."

At a reasonable cost, Manning should be a no-brainer. But there's nothing reasonable about signing perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time. The people that have been adamantly against Peyton Manning on this blog weren't doing so because they doubted his greatness, it's because he's 36 years old, he just missed an entire season, and because he was never going to come cheap.

If you had asked any of those people what their thoughts would be if you said, "Okay, Manning wants to sign with Seattle because he believes in their 2012 Super Bowl chances, so he's going to sign for a really cheap deal because he's made enough money," then you would have heard a lot of people's opinion on the matter change.

It's not doubt about Manning the player in 2012 as much as it is doubt in Manning, the $20 million cap hit in 2012.

At a low cost, it should be a no-brainer. As we saw in the huge dollar amount that Team X gave him, it was not a no-brainer. It required a little bit of brain. And maybe Team X will win the Super Bowl this year, they're certainly contenders now. It certainly would have been nice to have the upgrade at the most important position and I could have seen Seattle being legitimate Super Bowl contenders with Manning, but I still have a lot of long-term faith in this football team. I trust Pete and John, and I believe they did what's best for the team.

I wish Manning the best of luck. There certainly have been some high's and low's during this free agency period, especially when speculation that Manning might land here became real. But as a team, as a fanbase, as an organization, it's time to move on.

It didn't happen. Let's focus on the players that are here.

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Okay, and now here is my pre-prepared article in the event that Seattle does sign Peyton Manning.









Leave your pants at the door.

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