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2012 NFL Draft: Scouting WR Marvin McNutt

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The Seahawks took a tall, rangy, under the radar receiver in the fourth round of last year's draft in Kris Durham. In 2010, they took a explosive playmaking receiver in the 2nd round, in Golden Tate. If you look at the way the Packers drafted wide receivers while John Schneider was playing a prominent role in personnel, it might lead you to believe that the Seahawks will continue to look at the position much like they allegedly look at quarterbacks - they're going to take one every year. Maybe two. You can never have too many good receivers and the ones that you don't have plans with can be used as trade bait.

In 2005 the Pack took two receivers, one in the 2nd and one in the 6th. In 2006, they took two, one in the 2nd (Greg Jennings) and one in the 4th. In 2007, they took two receivers - one in the 2nd (James Jones) and one in the 5th. In 2008 they took two - one in the 2nd (Jordy Nelson) and one in the 7th. Seeing a pattern at all?

The good news about this draft class is that there is allegedly a lot of talent in the 2nd - 5th rounds at the receiver position and it's relatively deep in that way. With that in mind, let's start to take a look at some players that might be on the Seahawks' minds in that area.

First up, a guy I like, purely for his awesome name: Iowa's Marvin McNutt.

At 6'3, 215 - McNutt ran a 4.54 40, a 4.07 short shuttle (5th among WRs) and a 7.15 3-cone drill. He had a 37" vert and has 10" hands, so the prototypical size/speed is there. He's known for being a reliable catcher but is a bit raw over the middle and in downfield blocking. He was awarded the Team Leader Award on Offense by his teammates.

Russ Lande:

"McNutt's a real intriguing kid because he played quarterback in high school," said Russ Lande, a former scout for the Rams, among others, who now works as a draft analyst for The Sporting News and has his own draft site,

"He's athletic, has great hands," Lande continued. "He's strong, he's powerful. The biggest issue when you watch him, you don't see that quick, explosive burst. He's a high-character kid. I think he's everything you want. I don't think he's gonna be a real high pick like a first- or second-rounder because I don't think he can run (fast enough). "But when you get into maybe the late second, probably third or fourth round, some team's going to take him because you think of his upside. He might develop into that big starting receiver in the league."

Rob Rang on McNutt:

McNutt has excellent size (6'2 1/2, 212 pounds), strength, hands and route-running to be a possession receiver in the NFL but didn't show much in terms of elusiveness or the speed to turn short and intermediate passes into big plays. He is a savvy route-runner, however, who was consistently open despite aggressive coverage from defensive backs.

Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post:

McNutt has very good size, measuring 6-2 and 216 with average length arms (31.5) and over 10" hands. On tape and in person he shows good initial quickness but he is not very explosive. In the tapes viewed he seldom had to go up against press coverage but when he did he struggled some. While he shows the quick feet and moves to avoid some jams, he doesn't show the burst to get separation from man coverage, nor does he have the upper body strength to fight off a strong jam.

Where he is very good at is finding the open seams versus zone coverage and that's where he gets most of his production. I felt his ability to get in and out of cuts was average and at times he took extra steps and again didn't show a burst. The reason for this is he is a bit tight hipped and he doesn't have that mid-body flexibility to open up his hips and burst with smoothness. On the deeper routes you again don't see him show consistent ability to separate. His play speed is closer to 4.6 than 4.5. In the Indiana game he had an 80-yard TD catch but the route was a 15-yard crossing route. Two defenders ran into each other, falling on the ground leaving McNutt wide open after the catch.

McNutt has very good hands; he easily snatches the ball. He shows excellent ability to adjust to the ball in the air and makes some difficult catches. His concentration is very good. After the catch, he gets what's there, flashes some moves but you don't see much power. As a blocker he is average at best.

Big thanks to DraftBreakdown for the excellent scouting videos they put together, JMPasq, MARI0clp, Aaron Aloysius, and the whole DraftBreakdown crew.