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Seahawks 2012 Schedule To Be Released Tuesday

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Today is Tuesday, and as the title of this article vaguely implies, the NFL has shrewdly decided to capture the attention of every person in the world on a random weekday in the middle of the offseason by announcing the schedule for 2012. It shall be revealed at 4:00 PM PST during a three-hour special on the NFL network.

The preseason schedule was announced several weeks ago in another savvy effort by NFL marketers to stay at the top of the headlines every single day of the entire year, but if you missed that or need a refresher, here it is:

Sat., August 11th - 7:00 PM PT - vs. Titans
Sat., August 18th - 6:00 PM PT - at Broncos
Fri., August 24th - 5:00 PM PT - at Chiefs
Thurs., August 30th - 7:00 PM PT - vs. Raiders

Here's what we know about the Seahawks upcoming regular season schedule:

Home games: Packers, Patriots, Jets, Vikings, Cowboys, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams.
Road games: Bears, Lions, Bills, Dolphins, Panthers, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams.

Strength of schedule, based on 2011 team records (which doesn't mean a whole lot, frankly): .504 (129-127). Five of those games are against what ESPN is calling quality opponents, or teams with nine-plus wins last year. In terms of S.o.S., the Seahawks have the 11th toughest schedule going into the year.