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Seahawks 2012 Schedule: Seattle To Host Packers for Monday Night Football Week 3, Head to San Francisco for Thursday Night Game Week 7

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The Seahawks have released their much-anticipated official schedule for the 2012 NFL season, and all I can say is that it's going to be a fun season. The Hawks have two primetime games this year, hosting the Packers in Week 3 for Monday Night Football, then heading to San Francisco in Week 7 for Thursday Night Football. Interestingly, they'll head to Toronto in Week 15 to face the Bills. One nice thing about this year's schedule is that the Seahawks will play their final two games at home.

The Seahawks' bye week is Week 11 - much later than recent years, and whether that's a blessing or not we'll see. The Hawks play four 10:00 am games, but one (at Detroit) follows a nine-day break after the Thursday Night matchup and the other (at Miami) follows a 13-day break after the bye week.

We'll be following up soon with more in-depth thoughts and analysis on their draw, but for now - here's a quick look at what you can expect.

WEEK 1 Sept 9th - at Arizona Cardinals, 1:15 pm
WEEK 2 Sept 16th - vs Dallas Cowboys, 1:05 pm
WEEK 3 Sept 24th - vs Green Bay Packers (MNF), 5:30 pm
WEEK 4 Sept 30th - at St. Louis Rams, 10:00 am
WEEK 5 Oct 7th - at Carolina Panthers, 1:05 pm
WEEK 6 Oct 14th - vs New England Patriots, 1:05 pm
WEEK 7 Oct 18th - at San Francisco 49ers (Thursday Night Football), 5:20 pm
WEEK 8 Oct 28th - at Detroit Lions, 10:00 am
WEEK 9 Nov 4th - vs Minnesota Vikings, 1:05 pm
WEEK 10 Nov 11th - vs New York Jets, 10:00 am
WEEK 11 Nov 18th - BYE
WEEK 12 Nov 25th - at Miami Dolphins, 10:00 am
WEEK 13 Dec 2nd - at Chicago Bears, 1:15 pm
WEEK 14 Dec 9th - vs Arizona Cardinals, 1:05 pm
WEEK 15 Dec 16th - at Buffalo Bills (in Toronto), 1:15 pm
WEEK 16 Dec 23rd - vs San Francisco 49ers, 1:15 pm
WEEK 17 Dec 30th - vs St. Louis Rams, 1:15 pm