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NFL Draft 2012: Mid-to-Late Round Running Backs

Running back Terrance Ganaway.
Running back Terrance Ganaway.

Just wanted to throw a quick post up with some more running backs of note in the mid to later rounds, with some game tape for you to watch. While I would prefer the Seahawks use one of their first three picks on a stud running back like Lamar Miller, Doug Martin, David WIlson, or Chris Polk, the reality of the modern NFL is that some teams can find great value later - and this is particularly true in zone blocking systems. Arian Foster, for instance, went undrafted but has found a great deal of success in Texas. With that in mind, here are a few players, with some quick scouting notes, that I find intriguing.

Cyrus Gray - 5'10, 198

The first thing you notice when watching tape on Gray is that he breaks ankles all over the field - and that is to say, he is great at juking past defenders and his lateral agility is excellent. He projects as a third-down back, change of pace guy but shows an ability to find creases in the defense and create extra yards when things get jumbled up.

Is a good receiver out of the backfield, with 31 receptions in 2011 and 34 in 2010.


Terrance Ganaway - 5'11, 240

I like Ganaway as a nice complement to Marshawn Lynch and a guy that could theoretically step in in the case that Lynch gets hurt. He's a big, powerful runner and puts his 240 pounds behind him when running. He can lead block, has good vision, and as you'll see in the tape, changes direction well - planting his foot in the ground and getting downfield. I'm not sure who to compare him to in the NFL, but Michael Bush is the first player that comes to mind, based on the size/speed ratio.

Ganaway will need to improve in his pass catching and pass protection, but for a 5th or 6th round pick, that's pretty much expected. Our own Daniel Hill, who played with Ganaway, provided his scouting report here.


Tauren Poole - 5'10, 213

Poole is kind of a no-nonsense, just solid looking zone style running back that could have some success at the next level. He's a capable blocker, is smooth into his cuts, decisive, and has good speed. Here's a post where I shared some of the experts' takes on him, from earlier this offseason. Poole is a 4th or 5th round prospect.

There are many other prospects to keep an eye on - including one guy I'm probably a little more high on than some others, Temple's Bernard Pierce. I wrote about him here.

All videos courtesy of the always excellent DraftBreakdown.