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Friday Night Trip Down Memory Lane: Seahawks & Raiders Season Finale, 1988

Welp, whilst scouring the interwebs for anything even remotely related to the Seahawks, I came across this gem of a Youtube video. December 18th, 1988. The season finale for the Seahawks and Raiders, playoff implications galore - aptly named "Win and You're In."

The Seahawks won this one in a total shootout 43-37, with Dave Krieg throwing for 410 yards, with 180 of those going to legendary fullback John L. Williams. The Hawks won the AFC West to break what would have been a three way 8-8 tie in the division (with the Raiders and Broncos) and advanced to the Playoffs with a 9-7 record. They lost their first game to the Bengals at Riverfront Stadium.

I must admit I don't know a ton about the 1988 Seahawks season - I was six years old at the time-, but the first of these videos opens with vintage Bo Jackson truckage of defender, so you know this is worth sitting down and watching for the next three hours or so. If you only want to watch that - it's pretty much the first play below.

I must also admit that I haven't yet watched this whole thing, so if there's porn embedded like halfway through, somebody tell me. Either way - it's pretty damn awesome to see an actual game broadcast from 24 years ago. Enjoy.