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Seahawks Week in Review: The NFL Draft, the 2012 Schedule, Roster Analysis

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Here's what we've been talking about at the site the last week, in case you missed it. Even if you already read all this, I dare you to go back and read it again.

Seattle Seahawks 2012 NFL Draft Sleepers: LB Miles Burris and CB Derrius Brooks - Field Gulls
A look at two athletic, upside laden sleepers the Seahawks may want to think about targeting in the late rounds to improve depth and potential on the defensive side of the ball.

The Mike Williams Conundrum and the Big Slot Receiver - Field Gulls
Looking at BMW's struggles in 2011, Field Gulls speculates on how best to utilize the big possession receiver.

2012 NFL Draft: Projecting Chris Polk for the Seahawks - Field Gulls
A lot about Chris Polk.

2012 NFL Draft: When It Comes To Prospects, I'm Just Trying To Find a Balance - Field Gulls
How do we know which players are going to be good and which will be bad? We won't, but we can try to find a balance.

2012 NFL Schedules Released; Seattle Seahawks Forced To Play 16 Games - Field Gulls
Jacson offers his thoughts on the Seahawks 2012 schedule.

Seahawks Roster Inventory, Pre-Draft: Quarterbacks - Field Gulls
Because it's kind of an important position, let's start with quarterback.

Seahawks Roster Inventory, Pre-Draft: Running Backs - Field Gulls
The running back position.

On Tom Cable and the Offensive Line's Identity - Field Gulls
Riddle me this, Field Gulls: What's 6'7, weighs 325 pounds, and has a face only a mother could love?

NFL Mascot Power Rankings: Ranking NFL Mascots Part II - Field Gulls
We wrap up the rankings of the top mascots in the NFL with 1 through 15. Who is the NFL's best mascot? Find out!

Seahawks Roster Inventory, Pre-Draft: Wide Receivers - Field Gulls
The wide receiver group should be an interesting one to watch during training camp and preseason, with ten current roster spots occupied by that position.

NFL Draft 2012: Need A Big Receiver? Well, You've Come To The Right Year - Field Gulls
With the majority of pre-draft media focus directed at Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and the Indianapolis Colts, a solid class of receivers has gone relatively un-talked about. This isn't the year of the explosive, big-play, vertical burner in terms of the wideouts, however, one thing this class does boast a lot of is size. This is a group loaded with big, physical pass-catchers, a few of whom I consider to be legit No. 1 candidates at the next level. That's No. 1 receivers. Not No. 1 overall picks (just to be clear). Here are a few to keep your eye on at each stage of the draft (early, mid and late).

NFL Draft 2012: Mike Mayock Conference Call Notes - Field Gulls
With a week (less, now) to the Draft - here are some nuggets from that call that might relate to the Seahawks.

Friday Night Trip Down Memory Lane: Seahawks & Raiders Season Finale, 1988 - Field Gulls
Welp, whilst scouring the interwebs for anything even remotely related to the Seahawks, I came across this gem of a Youtube video. December 18th, 1988. The season finale for the Seahawks and Raiders, playoff implications galore - aptly named "Win and You're In."

NFL Draft 2012: Mid-to-Late Round Running Backs - Field Gulls
Just wanted to throw a quick post up with some more running backs of note in the mid to later rounds, with some game tape for you to watch. While I would prefer the Seahawks use one of their first three picks on a stud running back like Lamar Miller, Doug Martin, David WIlson, or Chris Polk, the reality of the modern NFL is that some teams can find great value later - and this is particularly true in zone blocking systems. Arian Foster, for instance, went undrafted but has found a great deal of success in Texas. With that in mind, here are a few players, with some quick scouting notes, that I find intriguing.

Pre-Draft Seahawks Player Acquisitions in Preparation for a Best Player Available Draft - Field Gulls
Like most everyone here, I have spent some part of the last few weeks reading quite a bit about prospects, looking at a few mocks, and hearing a variety of draft pundits on local radio talking about what direction the 'Hawks will go in the draft. The pundits included such honorees as Ron Jaworski and Hub Arkush (PFW), the Professor John Clayton, and also Peter King and Hugh Millen.

2012 NFL Draft: The Most Interesting Offensive Line Prospects You've Never Heard of - Field Gulls
So now that we establish Cable's own modius operandi, it's time now to assess what how the front office scout OL prospects in the upcoming draft. After all, it's not to say Cable's opinion is unwarranted: For the past two drafts, the Seahawks have not hesitated in spending high picks on offensive lineman, even to the point where their first two picks in 2011 was James Carpenter, at left tackle, and John Moffit, a guard. As I constantly assess, Carroll and Schneider believe in setting the foundation before piling on impact players - a similar belief held by Cable.

Seattle Seahawks 2012 NFL Draft Musings: Looking Beyond the First Round - Field Gulls
Looking beyond the first round at some prospects the Seahawks should consider; all positions, all round, all different shapes and sizes.

NFL Draft 2012: More on DT Fletcher Cox - Field Gulls
An interesting scenario is again presented.