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NFL Draft 2012: Monday Press Conference with Pete Carroll and John Schneider

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This afternoon, dude-bros Pete Carroll and John Schneider hosted a press conference today that is definitely worth a listen if you have an hour or so. Apart from the football stuff, a few things are certainly apparent when these guys talk - they're loose, they like each other, and they're on the same page. Schneider was on one today - quoting Dumb and Dumber at one point ("so you're saying there's a chance?") and Homer Simpson at another ("mmmmmmm, speeeeeeeed"). They hit on a lot of things - talking about the depth on the team, - noting that their ultimate goal is to get the roster to a point where the incoming rookies and free agents have to fight for roster spots and a role on the team - which would mean talent is where it needs to be and the depth is very strong. They talked about individual players, scheme, their overall philosophy, and this NFL draft class.

Rob over at Seahawks Draft Blog broke down some of the things that were talked about here, and Eric Williams shared some more quotes here. After the jump, I've embedded the entire audio of the presser, via 710ESPN. Skip forward to 8:17 below.

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