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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Tuesday

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Dont'a Hightower.
Dont'a Hightower.

TUESDAY!!!!! news: Dan Marino: Worth it to 'stretch' for Tannehill
Don't expect Dan Marino to top Jamie Moyer. The 50-year-old former Dolphins quarterback tore cartilage in his knee on Easter weekend while playing football on the beach with his kids, so there's no temptation for Marino to attempt to save the Dolphins' quarterback situation. news: Five takeaways from Seahawks' pre-draft presser
The Seattle Seahawks' duo of coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider met with reporters Monday to discuss the team's master strategy heading into this week's NFL draft. Here's what we heard: news: NFL draft positional rankings: Board shifts before event
With the highly anticipated 2012 NFL Draft nearly here, Mike Mayock updates his position-by-position prospect rankings. Changes are noted below each position, with the player's former ranking in parentheses. - Insider: Hightower has 'special' talent
The following quotes are from NFL executives, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Carroll: McQuistan at left guard, LB Ruud not healthy | Seahawks Insider
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider addressed reporters here the VMAC for about 45 minutes in a pre-draft press conference. They covered a wide range of topics, but here are a couple tidbits.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Vontaze Burfict Laughs Off the Criticisms of Him and Says Some Team Will Get a "Great Linebacker"
Vontaze Burfict joined WNST in Baltimore with Glenn Clark to talk about how tough this pre-draft process has been for him, what he would like teams to know about him that they may not already, if the criticism that he has received bothers him, how frustrating last season was at Arizona State, how he responds to the criticism that he is not coachable, what he says to people that question his work ethic, if he has thought about what he will do if he goes undrafted.

"A very wise coach once told me, ‘If you really want play-action, you better pull a guard’" — Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III agree | Smart Football
The title is a quote from former Stanford and current San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, from the video clip below. And it’s absolutely true. While much is rightfully made about whether a quarterback does an effective job of selling a run fake on play-action, the reality is that the offensive line plays just as big of a role in convincing a defense that a play is a run. Indeed, the play-action pass is probably the best weapon offenses have, one far too often underutilized by modern spread offenses. As Bill Walsh once explained:

N.F.L. Evolution: Good Isn't Good Enough for Quarterbacks -
The numbers, film and public sentiment agree: the N.F.L. has evolved into a passing league. Professional football as we know it is transforming before our very eyes. It’s not as simple as "more passes = greater importance of quarterback and receivers." Each and every position is impacted multifariously. Here’s the rundown of how, and what all it means for the bigger picture.

The Shutdown 50 — #14: Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
We continue this year's series with North Carolina defensive lineman Quinton Coples, the toughest draft evaluation for this particular writer in a number of years. Players are often one thing or another when it comes to their NFL projections -- it's generally pretty easy to tell where they have "it" and where they don't. Coples is a far tougher study.

Cosell Talks: The Mock Draft : NFL Films Blog
Here it is – my first mock draft. A moment I will savor forever. Here’s how I am doing it: I will choose players based on my film study and my sense of team needs. I have no idea what different teams draft boards look like, nor will I try to speculate what a team might be thinking. The main objective of my mock is to further discuss the top players by putting them in a draft format. One other caveat: I am disregarding documented off-field problems, character issues, anything that is not a function of on-field play. I understand that teams significantly factor that into the equation, but I am solely basing my player evaluations on what’s on the tape. That’s what I do. I watch tape. Drum roll please . . . . .

The Shutdown 50 — #13: Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Conclusion: Upshaw is big, strong, quick, intense, productive, and yes, mean. Put him at right end and he will grow quickly into a double-digit sack producer. Put him at 3-4 and he will also provide plenty of sacks and disruption, and it will not be long before he also provides adequate pass coverage, so long as he is not asked to cover Ray Rice one-on-one.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Clay Matthews | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Shutdown Corner: We've talked with DeMarcus Ware and Wes Welker about their roles in the "Great American Try-On," and now, it's time to talk with Green Bay Packers pass rusher Clay Matthews about his part in this video and campaign. "The Great … Continue reading →

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Will Kellen Moore Receive a Phone Call on Draft Weekend?
Kellen Moore joined Fox Sports Radio with Petros and Money to talk about what he plans on doing during the days of the draft, on the pre-draft process, whether he thinks the evaluation process prior to the draft is fair, whether the teams have been asking him about arm strength, what his "Plan B" is if he doesn’t make it at the next level, and how tough is to not have control in the draft process.

Mike Tanier’s Monday mock draft: #17-32 | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
(Note: All picks in this mock based on team needs, as opposed to who teams might actually pick.)

Mike Tanier’s Monday mock draft: #1-16 | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
(Note: All picks in this mock based on team needs, as opposed to who teams might actually pick.)

When it comes to making plays, Ingram is best pass rusher in the draft - NFL - -
Sometimes, it's not about height, weight, arm length, finding a position, or any of that stuff when it comes to evaluating a football player. It has to come down to this: Can he make plays? South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram made plays, a lot of them. As the NFL Draft nears -- it begins Thursday -- I wanted to write about Ingram because I've heard so many people and scouts trying to pick him apart. Among the negative checks he's been given: Arms too short.

Redrafting the 2008 First Round |
As you can see while others have been looking to the future and what the draft could bring, we’ve instead been on a more sobering journey. We ran our Draft Grader series analyzing every pick, now we’re going to go back over the entire first round and draft the only way we can to guarantee success: in hindsight.

Week Long Mock: Round Five | National Football Post
Predicting the 5th round of the NFL Draft. news: Even unnamed scouts love Trent Richardson
Last week's NFL draft chatter felt like a formulaic horror movie with multiple sequels: When Scouts Attack. Robert Griffin III was the first victim, Matt Kalil was next, and Coby Fleener got axed over the weekend. We are happy to tell you that one man is too strong to be taken down by the omnipresent "unnamed scout." news: NFL draft forecast: Chandler Jones up, Courtney Upshaw down
Yogi Berra once said, "It's hard to make predictions, especially about the future." Well, that's exactly what I'm being asked to do with the 2012 NFL Draft. I'm not talking about my mock draft -- that comes Wednesday -- but rather a general overview of the three-day event.

2012 mock draft, take three | ProFootballTalk
1. Colts: Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford. Owner Jim Irsay has had his "heart set" on Luck for months. 2. Redskins: Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor. Washington gets its first franchise QB since Joey Sunshine. 3. Vikings: Matt Kalil, tackle, USC.

Would You Rather – Draft Edition
I will not make any claims to being a draft expert. I think I can look at the Seahawks and see what they need and I think I can take the analysis of others and the opinions of others when it comes to draft picks and use that information to form my own, realistic opinion but I can’t compare two players and break down all the differences in them.

TNT 2012 draft preview: QBs to consider | Seahawks Insider
We begin our annual position-by-position look at this year’s draft with Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, who once again has graciously agreed to take a look at the draft from a Seahawks’ perspective.

Morning links: Hawks probably won’t move up to Jags’ pick | Seahawks Insider
In his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King of Sports Illustrated shoots down the latest rumor making its way around the league that the Seattle Seahawks would be interested in moving up in the draft to Jacksonville’s No. 7 overall pick to select Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Morning links: Hawks probably won’t move up to Jags’ pick | Seahawks Insider
In his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King of Sports Illustrated shoots down the latest rumor making its way around the league that the Seattle Seahawks would be interested in moving up in the draft to Jacksonville’s No. 7 overall pick to select Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Where I’d rank them; where I think they’ll rank them " Seahawks Draft Blog
I think I’m pretty much done with the draft spotlight series for this year. In the end, I scouted a little over twenty players in the last month, and spent (on average) about five hours apiece doing the write-ups for each player, and that’s on top of the 15 quarterbacks I reviewed in my late round quarterback series earlier this year. Before I shut things down and slip into an exhaustion coma, I thought that it might be fun to attempt a "big board" for each position after doing all the work and research over the last few months.

Seahawks have a decision to make at linebacker | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
This year's draft includes some very appealing middle linebackers, from a top-shelf selection like Kuechly to the middle rounds and on through the end.

UW’s Polk bets on his heart | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
Chris Polk said he developed his relentless running style while watching boyhood idol Emmitt Smith grind out extra yards for the Dallas Cowboys.

NFL Draft: Check out Mark Barron in run support | National Football Post
Using video to breakdown the safety's big hit vs. Vanderbilt.