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NFL Draft-Week Podcast II: More Talk on the Seahawks' Roster, Their Needs, and Potential Picks

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Back it it for part two - Derek Stephens and Davis Hsu have teamed up once again to provide a series of extremely informative, ridiculously researched, and amazingly comprehensive podcasts that look at the state of the Seahawks as we head into the 2012 Draft. Much like part one, part two is a really, really great listen for any Seahawk fan, with an eye towards team philosophy, the salary cap and its restrictions, player strengths, front office tendencies, NFL Draft patterns and trends, offensive and defensive schemes, and most importantly, player scouting reports as we inch closer to Thursday's NFL Draft. Fair warning, the audio isn't as professionally crisp as part one - this part was done via Skype, as opposed to in studio.

In this segment, the dynamic duo of Derek and Davis share their thoughts on a few more positional groups, including offensive line, wide receiver, tight ends, running backs and quarterbacks.

Download it at iTunes, right-click here to download it, or stream it after the jump. Booyah.