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NFL Draft 2012: Field Gulls 12th Man Podcast with Sports Radio KJR's Jason Puckett

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Scott and I were finally able to catch up with Sports Radio KJR's Jason Puckett to put together our NFL Draft preview podcast today, just in the nick of time for the big day. Puckett, Enyeart and I talk about the Seahawks' needs, some of the players they might be targeting, possible scenarios at the 12th pick, and some scintillating trade rumors.

We talk local prospect David DeCastro and the prospect of taking another offensive lineman in the first round. We talk Courtney Upshaw, Michael Floyd, Coby Fleener, and Melvin Ingram. We hit on some comments the Seahawks front office has made of late, and give our predictions on what might happen tomorrow evening.

Anyway, make sure you give it a listen and then say nice things about how smart we sound. Head over to KJR's website to download, or head past the jump where you can find it embedded below. I do believe you'll be able to find it on iTunes eventually, though generally it takes a while for that to go through.