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Vikings and Browns swap picks

The first trade of the day has broken, as the Cleveland Browns swapped the 4th overall pick with the Vikings' 3rd overall pick. It's been rumored for some time now someone would jump into 3rd overall, and I guess the Browns wanted to prevent that from happening. The most likely target is - of course - Trent Richardson, though Peter King hears whispers it might be Justin Blackmon, but that - quite frankly - would be really stupid.

Jay Glazer reported it first, noting three trades are involved. Mayock (and others) have since reported the two teams swap trades, and on top of that the Vikings get a 4th (the late one), a 5th and a 7th. The Vikings are basically getting three picks for what is essentially nothing, for that franchise,

This has no immediate effect on the Seahawks, though it's interesting to see how much big movement we're having even before the draft. I can't remember the last time we saw two trades in the top-5, let alone before the draft even takes place. New CBA in action.