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2012 NFL Draft: Seahawks Trade Back With Jets In 2nd Round

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The Seahawks have moved back four spots from the 43rd overall pick, now own the 47th overall, plus a extra 5th and 7th round pick. The Jets used the Seahawks former spot to select WR Stephen Hill out of Georgia Tech. The Seahawks' new 5th round pick is 19th in the round, 154th overall. The new 7th rounder is the 25th in the round, 232 overall. Here's a running list of the picks the team now owns:

First round: 15th overall: Bruce Irvin, OLB/DE West Virginia

Second round: 15th, 47th overall
: Bobby Wagler, OLB Utah State
Third round: 11th, 75 overall
Fourth round: 10th, 106th overall
Fourth round: 19th, 114th overall

Fifth round: 19th, 154th overall
Sixth round: 12th, No 181st overall

Sixth round: 2nd, 172nd overall
Seventh round: 18th, 225th overall
Seventh round: 25th, 232 overall