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NFL Preseason Schedule 2012: Seahawks Will Face Titans, Broncos, Chiefs, & Raiders

The NFL announced the 2012 preseason schedule today and the Seahawks will host the Tennessee Titans, travel to Denver to face the Broncos, then Kansas City to play the Chiefs, and then, come back to the CLink to play the Raiders, as they do every year.

This is actually a fairly interesting preseason schedule for the Seahawks. In PS Wk 1, they'll be facing off against Matt Hasselbeck, Jake Locker and the Titans. Both Hass and Locker are beloved in Seattle so it should provide some interesting storylines and getting to see both of them play will be fun.

Week 2 of the preseason will have the Seahawks, hopefully, facing off against Peyton Manning and his new team, the Broncos. I don't know if Peyton will be ready to play by this time, but if he does it will certainly make for an interesting first couple of series as we get to find out if he can throw and how he looks back on a football field and in a different uniform.

Week 3 will feature two run-heavy teams with similar styles of play - established running games, game-manager QBs, and all that. It should be interesting to see if Jamaal Charles is back and the whether the Seahawks new corners - Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman - have an answer to the Dwayne Bowe matchup nightmare for Seattle from 2010 when he caught seven passes for 130 yards and three touchdowns, the last time the two teams met.

Week 4, the Seahawks will host the Raiders, now under the direction of Reggie McKenzie, another Green Bay-educated general manager. It should be interesting to face off against Carson Palmer and the Raiders' new-look offense and then obviously, a bunch of annoyingly vindictive fans will boo Aaron Curry.