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NFL Films Game of the Week: Giants at Seahawks, 27 November 2005

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Man - the Seahawks 2005 season was awesome. Just looking at their schedule recap here, there were a lot of wins, and a lot of them were just total annihilations. I saw the following tweets from Chase Stuart - a writer for, the New York Times' Fifth Down blog, and Smart Football. He said:

Working on a new article. Biggest dominations last year: NO over IND, GB over OAK, ATL over TB (wk17), ATL over JAX and Hou over IND (wk1).

Most "dominant" teams of last 11 years: '07 Pats, '01 Rams, '10 Pats, '11 Packers and.... '05 Seahawks.

Blowouts vs. Phi, SF and Hou helped - '05 Sea. Seahawks also ranked 9th in points differential at halftime and overall since '00. '05 Seahawks lost in wks 1, 17 but went 13-1 in middle of year with mostly dominant performances (again, ignoring SOS).

Stuart says 'dominant' isn't necessarily the correct word, but what he's getting at is understandable. As noted, in the 2005 season, the Seahawks won 13 games, including a 37-12 win over Arizona in Week 2, a 42-10 win over the Texans in Week 6, another couple double digit wins against the Cards and Rams in Weeks 7 & 8, and then Weeks 13 & 14 drubbings of the Eagles and 49ers, 42-0 and 41-3, respectively. That's just insane to think about. Anyway, I digress.

The following game happened in Week 12, as the 8-2 Hawks took on the then 7-3 Giants. Enjoy.