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Seattle Seahawks: Praise of Earl Thomas Is Not Insignificant

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Earl Thomas points to something.
Earl Thomas points to something.

I just want to take a brief moment to recognize Earl Thomas on this website. For whatever reason, and Pete Prisco come out with "Top 100 NFL Players" lists and the only Seahawk to be found is Earl Thomas. (Edit: My bad, I've been told I forgot about Marshawn Lynch!) None of that really matters to me, because Pete Prisco is basically a moron, but it is a good chance to recognize how significant it is that Thomas is one of the best players in the league and the only reason he is ranked behind a guy like Troy Polamalu right now is name recognition.

Thomas has just sunk the "E" in "H-O-R-S-E" and his opponent is going to make him prove it by hitting the same shot again if he really wants to win the game. At this point all Thomas has to do is continue playing the way he has and there won't be a safety in the NFL that's better than him. Thinking about the other great safeties in the league like Polamalu, Ed Reed, and Adrian Wilson, you have to wonder how much longer they'll be doing this at a high level. Polamalu's time might already be past him.

Prisco actually put the Chargers Eric Weddle at 35 and Thomas at 97, and Weddle is deserving of praise, but he's not that much better than Thomas if he's better at all. If Weddle doesn't get seven interceptions next season, will he change the game in the way that Thomas does? Earl Thomas "tilts the field."

On any given Sunday, there are 1,696 NFL players on active rosters. If Thomas is in the top 100, that puts him in the top 5% of every player in the NFL. If he's in the top 50 (I'd say that he is) then it puts him in the top 2.5%.

As I touched on last week, it's important to have a few elite players if you want to win a Super Bowl. It's not just about having a lot of good players, but you want at least five or six elite ones. Only two years after he was drafted, Thomas is one of the very best players in the NFL. That's important, that's special, that's rare, and that's so freakin' encouraging. We should be able to rest our heads knowing that we have one elite player already and now it's up to a few more guys to step up. Arguments could be made for other guys but with Thomas, there is no arguing:

He's one of the very best players in the NFL and we should be stoked about it every day. Thanks, Earl.