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NFL Mini-Camp and OTA Dates Announced

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Pete is jacked up, y'all.
Pete is jacked up, y'all.

The NFL has released official dates for offseason Minicamps and OTAs for each team, and in case you were wondering, the Seahawks will be holding their OTAs on May 22nd - 24th, May 29th - 31st, then June 4th - 7th. The Rookie Mini-Camp is next weekend, from May 11th - 13th, and the team wide Mini-Camp is June 12th - 14th.

The Seahawks have already been into their offseason programs for two weeks now, and on Monday started Phase Two of their schedule. Clare Farnsworth featured their start of Phase Two at the other day, and grabbed a few quotes from some of the staff. Said Darrell Bevell, "This whole thing right now for us is teaching. That's our main focus, to break it down as basic and as simple as we can. Last year, it was all done on the fly [because of the lockout]. So we're doing tons and tons of teaching, to make sure that we're getting it installed the way we want. We can talk them through our drills. We can talk them through each and every play. All the techniques we're looking for. So today was great."

On the other side of the ball, defensive coordinator Gus Bradley added, "This gave us a chance to see the guys that were banged up at the end of the year. Just see their skills, to see where they're at as far as coming back from those injuries. We're also continuing to see great attitude and work ethic in all the drills. We're getting closer to football. We're still a ways away, but it's getting closer."

Going back to the different phases of the offseason - here's a basic rundown of what to expect in Phase Two and Phase Three:

Phase Two: the second phase is three weeks, and brings in coaches and on-field workouts. This phase began on Monday. The teams are allowed to bring all coaches but are not allowed to wear pads or helmets, (non-hitting practice). This is a way for teams to team on-field schematics and principles without instructing on hitting and all that. Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson should start their competition in earnest at this point, to get a hold of the offense, start developing chemistry with receivers, getting terminology or any changes down, etc. Same with the defensive side of the football. In addition, Rookies have a Mini-Camp during this period that will help them hit the ground running once the team-wide camps hit in Phase Three.

The third phase, which covers the four weeks, is where the team-wide Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and Mini-Camps come in (and, as noted above, happen in late-May and June). These are more like traditional practice with helmets but sans pads. Again, they're used for getting acclimated back into football, learning the schemes, and getting on the same page with teammates without the physical rigors of full-contact hitting.