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Seahawks 2011 Season Retrospective: LB Aaron Curry

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Lest we forget, the former fourth-overall pick of the 2009 draft, Aaron Curry, spent five games with the Seahawks in 2011 - losing his starting job after two - before being traded to Oakland for a couple of late round picks. We all know the story of Aaron Curry in Seattle - it's been a great topic of debate, and despite showing some flashes here and there, the video below illustrating his performance in 2011 basically affirms the front office's decision to move on. It should be noted that Nate made a conscious effort to provide a fair and unbiased collection of plays that represent how Curry performed, both good and bad.

From scattered reports out of Oakland that I've read, he's having more success in their system, free from the pressure a fourth-overall pick might gather here, so I'm happy for him. Still, with a couple new linebackers in the mix this season - 2nd round pick Bobby Wagner and 5th rounder Korey Toomer, it makes sense to look back at how Curry lost his starting job to K.J. Wright and why the Seahawks have made a fairly significant investment at the position after realizing the former Demon Deacon just wasn't going to figure into long term plans.

Thanks to Nate for putting these great retrospective videos together.