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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Thursday

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This week has flown by.

Thiel: With Irvin, Seahawks sacked info age | Seattle Seahawks
Shocked, then dismayed, by the Seahawks’ pick of Bruce Irvin, the media punditry is waiting for the Seahawks to fail. Skepticism always greets disruption.

Seahawks GM was ‘uncomfortable’ that no one talked about Bruce Irvin |
In the NFL Draft last week, the Seahawks were clearly in the hunt for a quick and explosive defender. Their top three choices, according to General Manager John Schneider, were linebacker Luke Kuechly, safety Mark Barron and pass-rusher Bruce Irvin.

2012 NFL Draft analysis: Seattle Seahawks - Mocking The Draft
Now that the 2012 NFL Draft is over, we're profiling each team's draft. Who were the steals? Who were the reaches? We continue with the Seattle Seahawks.

Grading the 2012 Draft: Rounds 4 and beyond " Seahawks Draft Blog
If grading the draft is stupid, then grading the late rounds is absurdity. If the first round feels like an auction, then the final rounds feels more like a yard sale. Hidden amongst a mountain of barely used workout machines, old socks, cheap jewelry, and toys from thirty years ago, you may (on extremely rare occasions) stumble across a signed Mickey Mantle rookie card or a first edition Superman comic book. It’s possible, but you might have to search through millions of yard sales before you find anything with that kind of hidden value. If you just visited one yard sale, the odds of finding anything amazing would be essentially zero. But the more yard sales you search, and the better trained your eye for value is, the more those odds increase.

Top 40 watch list for 2013 " Seahawks Draft Blog
Everyone seems to do one of these nowadays, and a lot of them look the same. I’ve tried to be different where possible and bring something new to the table. This isn’t a mock draft, it’s not even a definitive list. It’s merely a collection of guys to keep an eye on in 2013. Some will succeed and progress towards the top of next years draft. Others will fail in that quest.

Desired attributes change as safety position evolves - JSOnline
"The position has changed more than any on defense over the last five to 10 years," an NFC personnel man said. "Everybody is running this five-wide stuff where you've got to cover somebody. If you can't cover man-to-man in nickel, what are you? You're a free safety, which is what Smith is."

Purdue (Joe Tiller, Ed Zaunbrecher, Curtis Painter era) Quick Passing Game Cut-ups | Smart Football
The below cut-ups are of Purdue’s quick passing game from the 2006 season. Although Purdue threw for 4,000 yards that season, they’re not the greatest cut-ups in terms of offensive execution as it was Painter’s first year as a starter and Purdue had begun its decline under Tiller.

Sizing up 49ers' competition at wide receiver
The 49ers added offensive players with their first three draft selection, increasing the competition at positions where plenty of competition already existed.

Sizing up 49ers' competition at running back
The 49ers have more depth at wide receiver. They have more depth at running back. More players at those positions will be capable of playing larger roles in 2012. Now, the 49ers' coaching staff has to find a way to tailor the offense to the team's strengths.

Jags inspire critics with punter pick, but kickers in demand - NFL - -
There was an ample dose of incredulity by many people when the Jacksonville Jaguars, a franchise with plenty of other perceived holes, invested a third-round selection on Bryan Anger, one of only two punters selected over three days.

BC boots all-time leading rusher Montel Harris - CBSSports
Montel Harris, Boston College's all-time leader with 3,735 career rushing yards, has been dismissed from the football team. The No. 23-rated running back for the 2013 class by, Harris received a medical redshirt after missing all but two games last season due to a left knee injury that also bothered him as a junior.

Joe Webb says it’s a positive to focus only on quarterback | ProFootballTalk
Back in February, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said that the team was going to have Joe Webb work only as a quarterback this season.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | 2012 NFL Draft Report Card Report
Is there anything more enjoyable than assessing the folly of kneejerk reactions? The NFL draft concluded less than a week ago, yet the internet is already filled with draft report cards. As per tradition at Football Outsiders, we’ve gathered data from the most prestigious of those who dare to judge so quickly (Previous NFL Draft Report Card Reports may be viewed by clicking here: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.). We’ve compiled and analyzed this data to find out who passed (and failed) the eye test of those analysts, who will undoubtedly issue re-writes of their draft grades in the spring of 2015.

NFL Mock Draft - Looking ahead to 2013 - ESPN
Here we are again. Just four days after the completion of the 2012 NFL draft, we're already turning some attention to the 2013 class.

Boom or Bust: Does Jerel Worthy Fit the Packers’ D? – Audibles
When Michigan State defensive lineman Jerel Worthy, a first-round pick in the eyes of many, slid all the way to No. 51 overall, the Green Bay Packers decided to go and get him. Green Bay shipped the 59th and 123rd overall picks in the 2012 draft to Philadelphia for the opportunity to select Worthy.

Robert Griffin III will have greater rookie-year impact than Andrew Luck - Peter King -
Just because I'm not an instant draft-grade guy doesn't mean I can't opine about what we've just seen, and what we're about to see in the next few months. Take the quarterback position. Let's rank the 11 quarterbacks who got picked in the draft in two categories: who will have the biggest rookie-year impact, and who landed in the best spot.

The complete list of draft picks and UDFA signings for all 32 teams | National Football Post
A team by team rundown recapping all of last week’s action.

The Top 32 of 2012 | National Football Post
The College Football Report presents this fall's best players in NFL Draft style.

Arizona Cardinals' Kevin Kolb ready to prove his worth -
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb understand what he's up against in 2012.

Need a pass-catcher? Seahawks have veteran options - Blog -
The Seahawks used all but three of their 10 draft picks on defensive players despite fielding an offense than ranked near the bottom of the league last season. None of those three players are a receiver or a tight end, two positions some thought the Seahawks would target in the draft.

Brock and Salk Blue 42 - Podcasts -
Why is Rex Ryan denying the Seahawks' contention that the Jets would have taken Bruce Irvin at No. 16 had the Seahawks not selected him with the 15th pick? Can Zach Miller be more of a factor in the Seahawks' passing game? Would Jacoby Jones, Jabar Gaffney or Visanthe Shiancoe have any appeal to the Seahawks?

An early endorsement for Michael Floyd - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The protocol becomes the same for nearly every freshly minted NFL draft choice, from first-round quarterbacks to seventh-round punters. Not long after their selections, their new employers will connect them to local NFL reporters via conference call.