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Saturday Morning Trip Down Memory Lane: 1983 AFC Divisional Playoffs - Seahawks at Dolphins

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In 1983, the Seahawks made their first trip to the NFL Playoffs after finishing 9-7 in Chuck Knox's first year, finishing second in the AFC West behind the 12-4 Los Angeles Raiders - the team they'd eventually lose to in the AFC Championship and the team that would go on to win SuperBowl XVIII, 38-9 over the Washington Redskins. But let's back up a bit - after winning a berth to the Playoffs, the Seahawks proved they deserved a chance to be there by dismantling the Broncos 31-7 in front of 60,000 fans at the Kingdome. They did so on the arm of Dave Kreig (200 yards passing, three touchdowns) and with the legs of rookie running back Curt Warner (99 yards rushing).

On New Year's eve, 1983, the Seahawks faced off against Dan Marino's Dolphins and won 27-20 with a second half comeback, to advance to the AFC Championship game. Curt Warner rushed for 113 yards and two touchdowns and proved to everyone that his first-round selection was warranted. WIth a tip of the cap to JEEParon for pointing out these videos in a fanshot last week, sit back and enjoy a little piece of history.