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Seahawks Week In Review

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In case you weren't able to get to an internet cafe this week.

The Very First Bruce Irvin - Field Gulls
John Schneider called Bruce Irvin "rare." I call that an understatement because "rare" implies that there are others, if only a few, who are like him. I'm here to tell you why Bruce Irvin is truly unique. On the surface Irvin strongly resembles the likes of Robert Mathis, Chris Clemons, and even Von Miller. A rare type of player indeed. They're all 6-2 or 6-3, 245-255 lbs, and live to sack the quarterback. Yet there are several key differences leaving Irvin without a clean NFL comparison. Those differences will either make him a one-of-a-kind probowl caliber player or limit him to the role of a situational pass rusher.

2012 NFL Draft Grades: The Seattle Seahawks - Field Gulls
There is nothing more important at this time of year than giving draft grades. You have to grade each player and each team on their total draft in order to know how good they are and how good the team did. Otherwise, you would only have to guess at how good they did! You can't just guess, you have to know how they did based on what I tell you. My draft grades will be the end-all and be-all for these players.

2012 NFL Draft: NFC West 1st Round Picks - Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers - Field Gulls
So, how many of you had Bruce Irvin in the Seahawks draft pool? Liar! You know where liars go? No? I suppose I don't either. Happy Hour, I'd imagine.

2012 NFL Draft: NFC West Picks - San Francisco 49ers - Field Gulls
I know that in the post-coital afterglow of the NFL Draft, it's difficult to care about any picks outside of the ones made by our favorite team. There's gonna be a lot of information on this site about the Seahawks' draft picks, as well there should. Seattle's picks are the most pertinent in that they have the most direct effect on the team's fortunes but, for the same reason we scoreboard-watch during 'Hawks games, it would behoove us to monitor how their division rivals fared in the draft as well. So pay attention to me

Seattle Seahawks Active Roster: How Many Spots Are Presumably Open? - Field Gulls
Normally you'll see me go into some long introduction for an article, but there's really not much to say about today's topic. Seattle can carry 90 players during the offseason and then when the season starts it goes down to 53. We have a lot of time before we have to really start worrying about position battles and roster spots, but it's never to early to get a head start and take a look at just who the Seahawks got.

Seattle Seahawks: UDFA Phil Bates Provides Versatile Playmaking Potential - Field Gulls
The Seahawks didn't take a receiver in this year's draft, so any touchdown makers acquired in undrafted free agency, I think, require some attention, especially after the success of Doug Baldwin and Ricardo Lockette last year. Jermaine Kearse and Lavasier Tuinei drew attention as northwest products signed post-draft this year, but free agent Phil Bates from Ohio caught my eye. Yes these are just UDFA, but I do think it's worth entertaining one or two of these guys could make the roster/remain in the program, or perhaps up the competition level and push someone out. It's been documented part of the Seahawks' goal is develop and promote players in-house, and we know that it's not only the drafted players that matter.

Draft Grades, Draft Process, and the Seahawks Approach - Field Gulls
This interesting draft, wasn't it? There's certainly a lot to debate, not just during the draft but for years to come. Heading into the 2012 draft, my "general feeling" (noting that I'm not a draftnik like many of my fellow writers on Field Gulls) was that this was not a particularly strong draft. But that isn't the same as saying you can't get anything out of the draft, I didn't feel 2011 was particularly strong either but we did fine there at first glance, at least in the later rounds.

Is There Any Wisdom Coming from the Peanut Gallery? - Field Gulls
The aftermath of the NFL Draft always brings with it the cold reality of post-draft squawking from the proverbial peanut gallery that inevitably rankles some fans. If I may digress momentarily; would that some fans cared as much about their own course grades or job performance evaluations as they do about post-draft grades from the likes of Kiper and McShay. Sigh.

NFL Draft 2012: Reactions & Analysis On the Seahawks' Picks - Field Gulls
Over the weekend,'s Derek Stephens put together a reactionary podcast for each of Seattle's selections, listing strengths and weaknesses of each player - their college production, physical measureables, and possible impact early on. He goes on to talk about scheme fit and the Seahawks' reasoning behind each pick, citing his scouting reports and game review. Derek hits a level of specificity and thoroughness on these picks that you don't really see in many places, and the following several-minute podcasts on each player are excellent. They're also exclusive to Field Gulls.

On Defensive Sub-Packages and the Seahawks' Stockpiling of Defensive Backs - Field Gulls
"The later you go in the draft the more holes, limitations, flaws a player has. Success becomes a function of how he's utilized. In era of sub-packages a lot of players contribute, even if they play 12-15 snaps per game. Often the key is finding/defining a role."

Bruce Irvin - A WVU Fan's Input; Quick Description of the 3-3-5 - Field Gulls
WVU played the 3-3-5 odd stack defense. Some like it, some don’t, and depending on which game you asked me you would get a different answer each time.

What to Expect of the Seahawks' 2012 Draft Class - Part I - Field Gulls
Before I want to break down this year’s draft, I thought it would be useful to take a look back at Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s first two drafts, and how the picks have panned out so far.

What to Expect of the Seahawks' 2012 Draft Class - Part II - Field Gulls
Here, I will go over the 2012 draft and what we can expect out of the players selected; but it's important to read the first part, so you can understand the train of thought.

Seahawks 2012 Draft Thoughts A-Z: The Letter "A" - Field Gulls
It may take me a month to write this series! Or longer .... but let's start with the Letter A!

Scouting Seahawks' Safety Winston Guy - Field Gulls
Scouting a new Seahawk.

Seahawks' Russell Wilson: A Deep Analysis of Height, QBs, the NFL Draft, and Bucking the Trend part I - Field Gulls
The most comprehensive analysis of the QBs, the Draft, and Height that will you read today!

Seahawks' Russell Wilson: A Deep Analysis of Height, QBs, the NFL Draft, and Bucking the Trend part II - Field Gulls
The second part of the most comprehensive analysis of NFL QBs, Height, and the Draft that you'll read within the next 24 hours!

Why Pete No Draft a Touchdown-Maker? Or Three? - Field Gulls
Following a season where four of the six highest single season passing totals were set, it's easy to see where the NFL is headed. As the 22nd ranked passing offense, with 220 yards per game in 2011, we were on the wrong side of history. The quarterback position was an issue and the competition level has been boosted with the additions of Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson...

Walter Jones Appreciation Day - Field Gulls
A tribute to perhaps the greatest Seahawk in the history of our team.

More On the Seahawks' Undrafted Free Agent Class Part I - Field Gulls
Here follows a short blurb - my take - on each of the Seahawks' undrafted free agent signees.

More on the Seahawks Undrafted Free Agent Signings Part II - Field Gulls
Continuing on with my look at the undrafted rookies that the Seahawks have signed.