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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Tuesday

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Cosell Talks: NFC West Draft Pick Post-Mortum : NFL Films Blog
Let’s discuss Irvin the player, and place him in the context of NFL 2012. It could easily be argued based on tape study that Irvin was the most explosive edge pass rusher in the draft. Think about that for a minute. The most important defensive priority in today’s NFL is rushing the quarterback. You can go all the way back to Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh in the 1980s; Walsh, always a step ahead, said that fourth quarter pass rush was the key to winning. His theory has evolved to the point where it encompasses all four quarters. Thus, the Seahawks selected a player with explosive attributes at a premium position.

Bruce Irvin tape review vs Louisville " Seahawks Draft Blog
PFT broke the news today that Bruce Irvin had agreed terms with the Seahawks, becoming the first 2012 round-one pick to sign a contract. The deal is worth $9.34m fully guaranteed over four years, with over $5m in bonuses. The news is less of a huge relief as it was in the past, with the rookie pay scale all but ending the long hold-outs witnessed pre-2011. Eight rookies in total agreed terms today, including second round pick Bobby Wagner and third round quarterback Russell Wilson

Seahawks have high hopes for Ricardo Lockette - Blog -
The Seahawks didn't select a wide receiver with any of their 10 draft picks, an indication that the team felt comfortable enough to move forward with its current group.

Smith on Turbin: 'He's beautiful'
After the Seahawks selected Robert Turbin in the fourth round of the NFL Draft, several people offered, "And Sherman just loves this guy." The team's original back who now coaches the backs explains why.

2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agents – NFC West – Seattle Seahawks | Ourlads' NFL Football & Scouting Blog
Rishaw Johnson, OG, California (PA) - 6033 313 5.16 One-year starter. Transferred from the University of Mississippi after numerous suspensions. Long arms and big hands along with athletic ability give him a chance to be in camp. A mauler type physical blocker who struggled in both the Shrine and Senior Bowl games against top competition. Had consistent technique breakdowns. Loses his concentration and focus then jumps the count. Will overextend and doesn’t bring his feet at times. Between the red flags and a need for position and repetitions, he has his work cut out for him. OSR:5/48. Seventh round/PFA. (A-35 1/4, H-10 1/4, BP-22, 10-1.78).

The 10 best rookie quarterback seasons in modern NFL history | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Two things stand out looking at the 10 best rookie quarterback seasons in modern (post-merger) NFL history: one, that there aren't very many great ones; and two, that most of those are recent. If the trend continues, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III could wind up positioned well on lists like this one in the future. For now, though, here's who they're chasing. These are the quarterbacks who have gotten off to great starts.

Miami Dolphins' Plan to Get Lamar Miller on Field May Be at Wide Receiver | Bleacher Report
When the Miami Dolphins traded up to take Miami-Florida RB Lamar Miller in the fourth round, the pick made sense on first glance simply because Miller was considered a second-round value on many boards.

Ultimate Texans " Wade Phillips sees good days ahead for Texans’ pass rush
Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips’ mouth waters when he thinks about how dangerous his pass rush can be in his second season with the Texans.

2009 NFL Draft Revisited - CBSSports
Before prospects even take the field, most of us are guilty of "grading" each team on how they did in the draft. While there is nothing wrong with immediately evaluating each team's draft class, a more practical exercise is to give prospects two or three seasons to prove themselves in the NFL.

Finding the Fits -- In Doug Martin, Schiano gets a Ray Rice clone - CBSSports
Over the next several weeks, will be reviewing some of the more intriguing picks made during the 2012 NFL draft through a series called "Finding the Fits." The goal of the series is to identify one relatively unheralded player per team who would appear to be a particularly good schematic fit and therefore more likely to be a surprise contributor early in his respective pro career.

2011's Best Performances: Quarterbacks |
In the first in a series of articles examining the best performances we saw last year, Khaled Elsayed breaks down the 10 highest grades given to quarterbacks throughout the course of the 2011 regular season and playoffs. As ever, if you disagree let us know which displays most impressed you via our comments section or Twitter.

NFL - Ryan Tannehill is no Blaine Gabbert, and that's a good thing - ESPN
Ryan in Minot, N. D., is sick of hearing Ryan Tannehill could be the next Blaine Gabbert if he's rushed into a starting job in Miami.

Boom or Bust: Will AJ Jenkins prove the critics wrong? – Audibles
It might have been the most contentious pick of the first round: San Francisco, at No. 30 overall, nabbing wide receiver A.J. Jenkins, a player many expected to be available for a good chunk of Day 2.

Would you push for Tannehill to start in Miami? | National Football Post
Rookie QB will get a shot at the No.1 job for Dolphins.

Is Oklahoma QB Landry Jones the forgotten signal caller in the 2013 draft? | National Football Post
Where does Jones stand as a prospect entering the season?

2013 NFL Draft debate: Matt Barkley vs. Landry Jones -
USC's Matt Barkley and Oklahoma's Landry Jones considered entering the 2012 draft, but both players returned to school. Charley Casserly compares two of the top prospects for the 2013 draft.

Two techniques rookie WRs must develop | National Football Post
If you want to produce, then these two techniques are crucial.

Saints' Williams told Anthony Hargrove to 'play dumb' -
A copy of Anthony Hargrove's statement to the NFL has been uncovered by Yahoo! Sports. The contents suggest Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams aggressively told Hargrove to 'play dumb' about the existence of a bounty program.

Arizona Cardinals Ryan Williams says he's 'running and cutting' -
Last year's second-round draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals -- running back Ryan Williams -- says he is doing things he never expected to be doing this soon after rupturing his patella tendon last season.

Monday Morning QB live chat at 11:30 a.m. | Seahawks Insider
Was Bruce Irvin a reach? Is Russell Wilson too short? Is there really a competition between Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson? I think we have more than enough to talk about today. Come join us at 11:30 a.m.

Seahawks LB Leroy Hill on the new look of the defense - Blog -
Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill joined "The John Clayton Show" Saturday and discussed his return to the team and the younger, stronger, faster defense that head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider are piecing together. Blog | Meet Deuce Lutui, vegan "
By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard the coach Pete Carroll dropped a bit of a dietary bombshell on Friday by proclaiming that Deuce Lutui had become a vegan.