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Seahawks News and Rumors: Seattle to Tryout A Pair of Safeties This Week

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Kareem Moore #41 of the Washington Redskins makes a tackle during the preseason game against Todd Heap #86 of the Baltimore Ravens.
Kareem Moore #41 of the Washington Redskins makes a tackle during the preseason game against Todd Heap #86 of the Baltimore Ravens.

Never intent to cease in their churn for talent, the Seahawks are hosting a pair of free agent safeties this week - first, veteran Kareem Moore, then this weekend at their Rookie Mini-Camp, Craig Ray.

Moore is a former sixth round pick by the Redskins in 2008 out of Nicholls State, and at 5'11, 217, might be an interesting guy to keep an eye on in the next few weeks and months. His college career was fractured - he started at Ole Miss, left for Itawamba (Miss.) Community College after a coaching change at Ole Miss, and went on to become a JUCO All-American prior to transferring to Nicholls State. Then-defensive coordinator at Nicholls State, Steve Ellis, recollects his first impression of Kareem Moore, who was playing hoops when he arrived to meet with him. "I was probably there for like five minutes, and he must've had 20 dunks. This guy was above the rim the whole time. He was physical and just incredibly athletic and competitive."

Moore battled knee injury to start his career (he got surgery right after being drafted) but broke into the Redskins lineup in 2010 after a very impressive training camp. He started 11 games in '10 before hurting his knee again, and sat out last year rehabbing from that injury.

Though a lot of glowingly positive stuff gets said in training camp every year, it's interesting to read this article about Moore's breakout in 2010. Redskins' defensive coordinator Jim Haslett compared him to O.J. Otogwe, throwing out the word "ball magnet" and noting "[Moore's] always around the ball. That's the kind of guy you like around the back end: guys who make interceptions."

'Skins coaching intern (at the time) and 8-time Pro Bowl safety Steve Atwater is quoted: "The guy's got great body control. He has great ball skills in terms of accelerating to the ball. He's made some great plays here in camp."

Moore totally sounds like a PCJS kind of tryout, end of the roster type guy. Injury history led to his release; competitive, passionate, physical, athletic. His scouting report from the '08 draft is very positive and notes that he's best in zone, with the ball in front of him, reading routes and anticipating plays - pretty much what they'll be looking for in an Earl Thomas backup. Looking at reactions to his release from Washington is a mixed bag, some noting that he's 'not very good at football' and others lamenting that he'll probably catch on and contribute somewhere else.


Craig Ray was a UDFA last season out of small school UIndy after being named All-America First Team by the American Football Coaches Association in 2010. Because he was never picked up by a team last year following the lockout, I assume that's why he qualifies as a Rookie and is allowed to take part in the Seahawks Rookie Mini-Camp this weekend. He's 6'1, 215, and that's about all I could find on the guy.