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John Moffitt 2011 Season Retrospective

Getty Images

Rookie John Moffitt started nine games for the Seahawks in 2011 at right guard before tearing up his knee in the game against Baltimore in Week 10. The third round pick for the Seahawks fared about as well as you could expect a third round rookie to fare. He had his struggles and he showed some skill, and when I watched the season retrospective Nate put together below for the first time I actually came out pretty impressed. He got bull rushed a few times and missed an assignment a few others, but considering the age and experience on the unit and the defense lines the Seahawks were facing (notably Arizona and Cincinnati), I thought Moffitt did a respectable job.

I'm sure we'll follow up with a little more in-depth analysis on these videos down the line and break down some of the plays individually, but for now take a look at the compilation of plays below. Thanks again to Nate for the excellent resource.