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Field Gulls Morning Drive Seahawks Talk Video

I'm still trying to think up a good name for this video series... obviously.

Sometimes when life presents you with two problems, it has actually given you one solution. My first problem was that making these videos is sometimes a pain in my butt. Trying to find the time, the production value, formulating an idea into a proper video, was all causing me issues. Deteriorating video views on the Field Gulls YouTube channel is a troubling sign, but I get it because I haven't been talking about the Seahawks much lately. Well, that's going to change.

Second problem was that I have no radio in my car. I often find myself randomly talking to myself or singing because I really had nothing else to do during these extremely boring moments of my life. Solution?

Set up the camera in my car!

For this video, I talk a little bit about the Brian Banks story. Nothing incredibly special, but I hope it's not the worst two minutes of your life. (Joke about how bad I am at sex goes here.) What I like about this video series is that it's unscripted, without forethought, it's just a stream of consciousness. This is just me, talking about Brian Banks. Enjoy!

So that's todays video. I'm rooting for Banks to become all that he can be, but a little bit of perspective always helps level out expectations to a reasonable level. One more thing after the jump...

That one thing after the jump is that Danny wants me to always have a jump!