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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

TAMPA FL - DECEMBER 26:  Defensive end Chris Clemons #91 of the Seattle Seahawks celebrates a sack against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game at Raymond James Stadium on December 26 2010 in Tampa Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
TAMPA FL - DECEMBER 26: Defensive end Chris Clemons #91 of the Seattle Seahawks celebrates a sack against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game at Raymond James Stadium on December 26 2010 in Tampa Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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Hump day, y'all.

Chris Clemons a no-show at Seahawks minicamp | - Seattle Sidelines
Pete Carroll thought Chris Clemons, the Seahawks' leader in sacks over the past two seasons, would be on hand as the Seahawks opened a three-day minicamp Tuesday.

John Clayton's 'Theory of 150' for O-lines - NFC North Blog - ESPN senior writer John Clayton has theories on questions you've never thought of asking, and here is one of particular note to NFC North teams. When evaluating the future of an offensive line, Clayton writes, teams would be wise to follow the "Theory of 150."

These lines don't look a day older than 150 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
NFC West teams should have few age issues on their offensive lines. San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis have combined to use five first-round picks for offensive linemen in the last five drafts. Those teams have combined to draft five more in the second and third rounds over the same period.

Value-Based Drafting Part I - Draft Analysis -
Fantasy football is all about value. Value is at the heart of every discussion we have. It's the idea behind sleepers (they're undervalued). It's also the idea behind busts (they're overvalued). Today I want to talk about an idea, Value Based Drafting (VBD), that is sort of at the core of all of the fantasy football related value discussion. You may not think about your decisions as being related to VBD, but they probably are. When you decide to wait on QB because you think you can get a good one later in the draft, that's a decision that is essentially based in VBD. I'm going to spill some pixels talking about the idea of VBD, first covering conventional wisdom on the topic, and then I'm going to suggest a tweak that will hopefully improve the way you think about your draft.

Brian Banks has plenty of interest, but no job yet | ProFootballTalk
He doesn’t have a job, but he has plenty of prospects.

The most difficult position to scout | National Football Post
Finding the best offensive linemen is no easy task.

My favorite method for running a reverse to a wide (or slot) receiver | Smart Football
This method is very simple. I like it because it is not a reverse in the sense of being a true "trick" play, but instead you can actually count the blockers and evaluate your numbers at the point of attack and the associated leverage and numbers at the point of attack. The points are simple:

WR David Anderson among tryout players invited to Hawks minicamp | Seahawks Insider
Along with WR Antonio Bryant and LB Brian Banks, which have already been reported, the Seahawks have invited receiver David Anderson, tight end Cooper Helfet and linebacker Kyle Knox.

Teams need franchise QBs, but early draft picks don't necessarily guarantee one -
Teams have to keep trying to find a franchise quarterback.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the AFC East Draft | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
With the draft out the door and mandatory minicamps getting started, we thought it would be a good idea to get back on the phone with our buddy Greg Cosell of NFL Films and ESPN's "NFL Matchup," and talk about the NFL by division. Who did themselves the most favors in the draft, and who came up short when addressing their roster deficits?

A look at the Cowboys play action scheme | National Football Post
Using video to break down Romo's pass to beat the 49ers.

Breaking down Tennessee WR Da’Rick Rogers | National Football Post
Where does the talented underclassman stand?

Is Patrick Willis or Brian Cushing the superior linebacker? -
San Francisco's Patrick Willis and Houston's Brian Cushing are two of the best interior linebackers in the game, but which guy reigns supreme? Bucky Brooks breaks it down by five categories.

Brock and Salk - Podcasts -
Seahawks defensive tackle Alan Branch says he might surprise some people with his pass rushing, saying he started to notice improvement in that area late last season. Branch also talks about his four underwhelming seasons in Arizona and how current teammate Kam Chancellor compares to fellow Pro Bowl strong safety Adrian Wilson, Branch's teammate with the Cardinals.

Brock and Salk Blue 42 - Podcasts -
Does veteran wide receiver Antonio Bryant have a realistic shot at sticking with the Seahawks? How will coach Mike Leach change Washington State's approach to recruiting? How will Jason Jones affect some of the Seahawks' other defensive linemen?

Mandatory camps signal time of transition - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Three-day NFL minicamps featuring no permissible contact aren't going to settle position battles. They're unlikely to set the tone for a season still three months away. They won't reveal where teams figure to stand in December.

Sports play important role for society's psyche | - Sports
On Wednesday night, sports made us mad.We were angry watching the NBA team formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics celebrate a trip to the finals, led by Kevin Durant, a star who should have been ours.We were mad at Oklahoma City owner Clay...