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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

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ST. LOUIS, MO - MAY 12: Head coach Jeff Fischer of the St. Louis Rams watches his players during rookie mini camp at the ContinuityX Training Center on May 12, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
ST. LOUIS, MO - MAY 12: Head coach Jeff Fischer of the St. Louis Rams watches his players during rookie mini camp at the ContinuityX Training Center on May 12, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
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Humpday. Yay.

Exonerated Brian Banks chasing NFL dream
After 5 years behind bars wrongly accused, former LB Poly star/USC recruit Banks has a shot at the NFL.

NFC breakout teams | National Football Post
Keep an eye on these squads this fall.

AUDIO: Jake Locker on QB competition in TN | Mitch in the Morning - Seattle's live and local sports station
Jake Locker stopped by on Tuesday to talk Titans and Huskies. LISTEN: - 2012 fantasy QB rankings
Pro Football Weekly's 2012 fantasy QB rankings are led by Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and New Orleans' Drew Brees.

Making experts (and pretend ones) of us all - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The way football addicts experience the NFL will change fundamentally when the league makes public its in-house video feeds this season. The Wall Street Journal reported on the NFL's plans to charge $69.99 for access to video previously available almost exclusively to teams. Grantland's Bill Barnwell offered some thoughts. I've got a few of my own:

2012 Program Preview - Boston College - Mocking The Draft
Looking at the 2012 Boston College Eagles from an NFL Draft perspective.

Lessons Learned from St. Louis Rams', Snead and Fisher's 2012 Draft Strategy | Bleacher Report
The St. Louis Rams draft season was so action-packed that they made the biggest trade of the entire draft more than a month before it happened. New general manager Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher were movers and shakers throughout the first two rounds. They did more to immediately shape a roster to their sensibilities (and lay the groundwork for future growth via the draft) than any new regime in recent memory. What did we learn about their philosophy?

Examining Offensive Personnel - Matchups -
If you were familiar with my work prior to my first contribution here at Rotoworld, it’s likely that you’re aware of my other home, At PFF, our team of analysts watch and chart every player on every play of every game (hey, that’s our tagline). Anyways, one of the most interesting items we chart is personnel packages on both sides of the ball.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Word of Muth: Scouting the Bills
Football Outsiders is the internet home for Innovative Statistics and Intelligent Analysis of professional and college football. Our writers, lead by Aaron Schatz, also write Pro Football Prospectus.

Secret Superstar: Michael Bennett, DE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers |
The best player on an underwhelming DL in 2011, Michael Bennett stands to be a major factor in 2012 which Nathan Jahnke details here.

Secret Superstar: David Carter, NT, Arizona Cardinals |
PFF's Ben Stockwell discusses the value of backup nose tackle David Carter to the Arizona Cardinals' defense and names him the team's Secret Superstar.

Secret Superstar: Richard Sherman, CB, Seattle Seahawks |
Nathan Jahnke of Pro Football Focus discusses the rookie-season impact of Seattle's Secret Superstar, cornerback Richard Sherman.

Cosell Talks: Re-Examining Roethlisberger : NFL Films Blog
It’s interesting how NFL quarterback evaluation and perception work. If you win a Super Bowl early in your career, you are classified a "winner," and it is left at that, with nothing more needed to be said. Very often, continuing (and realistic) evaluation diminishes, or even ceases, because what more need a quarterback do than win a Super Bowl?

2013 NFL Draft: Miami (Fla.) Preview - CBSSports
Although they haven't had a first round pick in the last four years, the Hurricanes have produced 81 NFL Draft picks since 2000 and there is more to come in 2013

Should’ve Been You, Seattle Scampi | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Monday was apparently the anniversary of the day that the name "Seahawks" was selected for Seattle’s NFL team back in 1975. Seems like a bizarre thing to observe, but it did give occasion for the official Seahawks blog to release some of the 1,741 potential names that were suggested at the time by fans. As you might expect, most of them are superior than the boring old C-HOX moniker. The rest have to do with rain. Here are the ones we liked best:

Inside the playbook: RB alignments | National Football Post
Drawing up the multiple alignments at the RB position.

5 darkhorse national champion contenders | National Football Post
Keep an eye on these under-the-radar teams this fall.

Three and out: Kendricks on the verge -
Ramming it up: OC Brian Schottenheimer praised tight end Lance Kendricks, telling "I think he’s got a chance to be a terrific all around player." The coach admitted this isn’t the first time Kendricks has caught his eye. "I know one thing, I think starting with Lance (Kendricks), we really liked Lance back in New York when we looked at him." Kendricks carried some sleeper potential hype in fantasy drafts last year, but failed to live up to expectations. However, QB Sam Bradford was not healthy and the old regime is gone. With Jeff Fisher now heading the team, Bradford healthy and no true No. 1 WR threat, Kendricks could see a healthy amount of targets. He also has among the most favorable schedules for tight ends in 2012. He should still be considered a sleeper in fantasy drafts this year, but this time around it’s merited.

NFC West revelations from bounty files - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Some aspire to have their work published in the most exalted academic journals. Others are more likely to find themselves wallowing in profanity-laced bounty files. Let the wallowing begin.

The film that will launch a thousand questions and the sources of offseason stories - Grantland
Are you ready for a total information overload? Plus, breaking down the sources of offseason news.

Education spotlight: Seahawks partner with author, local schools " Kitsap Sun
PORT ORCHARD — With three days left until summer vacation begins, members of the Seahawks and local author Debbie Macomber visited South Kitsap schools Monday to help students prepare a game plan for their offseason.

Are some guidelines counterproductive?
The time for the Seahawks' veteran receivers and quarterbacks to work out together at VMAC has passed. So if it's going to happen before training camp starts in late July, it can't happen here.

How low can he go? | Dave Boling - The News Tribune
- Deuce Lutui lifts his Seahawks practice jersey to bare his abdomen.

Document shows New Orleans Saints targeted Seahawks | NFL | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
League officials went public with some of their evidence against the four players suspended for their roles in the New Orleans Saints' bounty program — and there is a Seahawks connection. League officials displayed a computer slide obtained from the Saints, dating from before a January 2011 playoff game against the Seahawks and showing three photos of Seattle players with "Now it's time to do our job. Collect bounty $$$!. No apologies. Let's go hunting" printed on it.

Greg Salas - A Year in Review | RamsONDEMAND
A replay of every Greg Salas reception last year. These are in chronological order, and depict how important Salas was becoming to the team just before he (like 2/3 of the offense) suffered a season ending injury. Salas possesses incredible balance and sure hands, as well as an innate ability to turn 2 yards into 8. Where he figures to fit into the offense remains to be seen, but it’s basically a foregone conclusion that his skill set will prove to be valuable asset to the Rams in this, his second year.