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NFL Top 100- Marshawn Lynch Breaks In At #94, Earl Thomas #66

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I realize this is old news - Marshawn Lynch and Earl Thomas were named to the NFL Network's Top-100 NFL Players of 2011 list at #94 and #66, respectively, a while ago but to be honest with you I hadn't seen the video of it until today. Now, with very little going on in the league and players on a six-week hiatus to hang out with their families and friends, there will be little news and even fewer tidbits of information leaking from the VMAC. With that in mind, it's a good time to look back.

After you check out the videos below, head over the's top-100 full list and let me know what you think of the rankings. My first impression is that Earl is ranked a little low at #66 (his fan rating is a laughable #97, which shows how much people watch the Seahawks), but overall I cannot argue too vehemently against where they've put the Seahawks' two best players.